Schematic Electric Space Heater Wiring Diagram

Schematic Electric Space Heater Wiring Diagram – In the Electric Water Heater and Thermostat Wiring and Installation series, we’ll show you how to wire and install a two-unit non-continuous (uncoupled) water heater and thermostat for single-phase 240V AC (US) and single-phase 230V AC . . (UK/EU).

As we have discussed before about continuous (simultaneous) and non-simultaneous (non-simultaneous). In simultaneous wiring, two water heating elements work at the same time, but in non-simultaneous wiring, only one heating element works at a time and the other is “on” when it is finished. first the heating and electricity cut off. Automatic supply by thermostat wire configuration.

Schematic Electric Space Heater Wiring Diagram

In this article, we will show two 10kW units (5kW each heating unit) with 240V AC supply from 120/240V main panel and 230V AC and 240V AC thermostat wiring. Continuous operation means only one heating element operates at a time.

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As in the previous wiring diagram, the upper thermostat is connected to a single-phase AC 240V supply via a 30 amp breaker. The line (L1) as the hot wire is connected to the right terminal L3 of the thermostat. Two wires (blue and red) go from the thermostat terminal L4 to the first end of the upper and lower heating elements while the terminal T4 of the upper thermostat is connected to terminal 1 of the lower thermostat and the T2 of the upper thermostat are connected to the other terminal of the heating element. . Finally, terminal “2” of the lower thermostat is connected to the other terminal of the lower heating element.

Non-simultaneous thermostat operation will automatically turn off the upper heating element and turn on the lower one after successful operation. The following diagram illustrates this well.

Since there are two heating elements each rated at about 5000 watts, this heater has a rating of 10000 watts. We will use a breaker and inverter for half of the total output, which is 10kW since only one unit is working at a time.

Current at 240V AC, 30A breaker is suitable for two size 10 wires according to the following calculation.

Internal Wiring Diagrams

Alternatively, the safe limit of the breaker is 80% (0.8), so 30A x 0.8 = 24 Amp safe for the load.

Therefore, the 30A circuit breaker for current protection is suitable for 240V AC if the 5kW two components are not biased heater circuit.

The next 7kW (each heating element 3.5kW) has the same wiring connection as the 5kW thermostat wiring above although a single 20A switch is used for on/off operation at 230V AC. Note that these switches are not suitable for two-line 240V supply.

In the following water heater wiring diagram for 3500 watt non-continuous operation, the two wires from the main distribution board are shown as “L” and “N” for the 230V AC supply and L1 and L2 for 240V two-line AC supply. past

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Note: The red color represents the line or the wire and the black color represents the neutral in the picture above. You can follow regional wire color codes i.e. IEC or NEC.

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I am working on putting in a 7500W electric heater in the garage, and am wondering how to connect the two outdoor pole thermostats.

What is bothering me is that I have noticed that on both thermostats they have an amp rating that is lower than the amp rating of the electric heater at 220V.

So I’m assuming the dual drum is rated for users with power connected to electronic sound equipment, but still need a visual display?

Since the thermostat is two poles, do I need to worry about going through the thermostat?

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My interpretation of the wiring diagram and the purpose of the system, is that the two external 220V thermostats will be 100mA regardless of the small power of 220V from L1 and L2 (ie the front end together on the display with the button) and then I “Load” connected to the thermostat to 1 and 2 which switches to the heating thermostat and the dial is set to the maximum temperature the equipment?

My guess is that lines 1 and 2 are like 14 awg, and carry a small current to the switch to activate the furnace thermostat?

Am I wrong? Will the ~31.5A be able to somehow go through a two pole thermostat and I need to find a heavier duty thermostat? (I understand that if you have a simple baseboard heater and you put the thermostat in series, your thermostat is running now).

Originally I was expecting to see four wires on the outside thermostat section with L1, L2, 1, and 2. When I open the back panel of the furnace I see four wires or do I need to separate the 14 awg into L1 and I’m L2 too?

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Am I really apologizing here? (Yes, I’d also like to convert the 220V to 24V DC and add a third Nest thermostat to the house, but first I want to be sure I understand the original intent of the wiring here!).

An electronic wire thermostat will work with your heater if you have it as shown in the heater wiring diagram, as this arrangement only provides one line at the thermostat location. , allowing the thermostat to restore its operating power. It does not leave a suitable path. . Source, you need to insert L2 into the thermostat box with the load wire L1 connected to the return of the heater, which requires 14/3 running from the heater to the thermostat, or electro Use mechanical thermostat. An electronic one. The good news is that the thermostat won’t change much power, at least, so the wattage rating doesn’t matter.

The large and small boxes marked KM on the wiring diagram are parts of the relay that carry full current to the coil, all lines can carry current from the thermostat control circuit.

The thermostat can be connected to #14 because the UL listed instructions allow it. I think the internal fuse/fuse link is missing from the diagram.

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I’m not familiar with the full line of Nest products, do you need a model with a separate control voltage or do you have to.

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For those who want to see a schematic or actual wiring diagram when installing a thermostat in the room, an illustration is provided here to understand the connected wires and what each wire does. .

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Top Left: Chromalox Heat Flo Thermostat Kit Wiring Diagram (1 of 2) for Chromalox HeatFlo® Type KUH-TK3 and KUH-TK4 For use with KUH-02 through KUH-45 heaters only .

Below: Chromalox HVH-TK6 and HVH-TK6 thermostat kits for field installation in Chromalox HVH-02 on HVH-15 heaters. More wiring diagrams are provided in the Chromalox HeatFlow Installation Manual linked below.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Chromalox Corporation has global offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States (Utah and Tennessee), Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Soissons, France, Wujiang, China and Edmonton Canada.

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