Schematic Electric Gate Wiring Diagram

Schematic Electric Gate Wiring Diagram – Connect the motor circuit in such a way that the second one does not start until the first one is running, the third one does not start until the second one is running and so on. This type of motor circuit connection is called interlocking.

When we press the ON-1 button to energize the contactor M1 (or start the engine M1), the circuit is completed through the fuse, overload relay trip link, OFF Push -1 and ON Push 1. and car M1 starts to run.

Schematic Electric Gate Wiring Diagram

When connector M1 is energized, these normally closed (NC) contacts are opened and the other open (NO) contacts are used to close the circuit. Vintage Canvas Painting Art Wall Decor Electrical Schematic Symbols Knowledge Quick Guide Critical Chart Poster Workshop Classroom Room Decor Poster 12×16 Inch: Posters & Prints

When m1 is energized, the normally open (NO) link will immediately close, such as ON-Push 1. This is called a closed link, meaning it holds the motor in the start position. Now, the car will keep running if we release (release to stop) ON-Push 1.

The normal link (NO) is used in line 2. When M1 is energized, this link (NO M1 in line 2) will also be closed, so the motor M1 will start running, so, The equipment also turns. Push 2. Now if we press the ON-Push 2, the second motor M2 will start running, i.e. the normal contacts (NO) of the contactor M2 connected to the circuit. And it will be connected through link M2 as ON-Push 2. Thus motor 2 will start running.

Note that motor 2 will not start running until motor 1 is running, i.e. until link M1 is closed. Similarly, motor 3 will not start until motor 2 is running, i.e. motor 3 starts (by pressing the pressure of motor 3 = M3) after the vehicle start 2. for.

In each control circuit, power fuses, and overload relays are connected for short circuit and overload protection, respectively.

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This is a simple electronic circuit. Many circuits similar to this circuit are used in industries. The connection of the circuit depends on the type of operation and the work done by the motor. So we can easily use and build any kind of related circuits for any purpose.

In short, we can change the operation and control of the motor by making some changes in the simple circuit diagram above. For example, if we need motor 1 to stop when motor 3 starts running, then we can use the normal contact of M3 (NC) on line 1. And then the closed link (NC) of motor 1 connected to line 1 opens immediately (after energizing contactor M3) to energize contactor M1, thus, motor M1 stops.

We can set up the above electronic control circuit with a small change in star and run each motor.

Three phase induction motors work with two speed 1 direction and two speed two speed motor and induction motors reverse the work as a type of electrical connection.

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8. The control board has terminals for camera, warning light, IC card reader (keypad entry), 24 V backup battery, push button etc.

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In addition to the entry keypad, you can set a code or use a card to control the door.

3. “LIMIT1”, “LIMIT2” for magnetic limit switch on motor1, motor2. (This only works for cars with a magnetic limit switch.)

5. “Button” for all changes “PUSH1” to control the double-leaf door, with the step “PUSH2” to control the single-leaf door should be to the front door.

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