Pole Barn Electrical Wiring Diagram

Pole Barn Electrical Wiring Diagram – I’ll start by saying that this isn’t going to be a particularly interesting or unique compilation, but I thought I’d post it just to help start Irate content.

I need a place to store and work on my junk for a while now. My truck barely fits in this attached two car garage and I have to pull the car over to access everything in my garage; which is annoying in everyday life. Doing big projects is also annoying because I have to leave everything parked outside when I’m working, and I don’t want to leave my junk sitting outside in the weather. Wife also doesn’t want DD parked outside in winter.

Pole Barn Electrical Wiring Diagram

My dad has a 30’x40′ steel building with two 12′ wide doors and a two pole elevator, which I really like, so I’m basically copying his setup. I am also going 30’x40′ with two 12′ wide doors and plan to install a two post lift along with 220V power for my welder.

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I didn’t have the time or access to cheap/free labor or familiarity with the permitting and inspection process, so I decided to pay for the building. I got quotes from several builders and builders and building a barn style structure is the cheapest so far. I would prefer steel, but this is not my “forever” home, so I thought it would be good to help me in the next 5 years when I decide to move into this house.

Here are the plans submitted for planning permission which we hope will help someone looking to build a shed themselves:

My property has a slight slope, but nothing crazy considering many of the properties in the area are on fairly steep slopes. The contractor I went with was based in Albuquerque (quite flat) and objected to the amount of dirt needed for the shop because he only had a dirt work slide. I had a few friends with heavy equipment and one of them was willing to deliver his back hoe for me to use on the dirty work for the contractor.

I had to pile about 4 feet of dirt on the southeast corner and cut a few feet and drain on the northwest side. Here’s the start of the dirty work:

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We have underground facilities and an internet line running where one of the poles must run. I figured I would dig up the line and move it about 1′ instead of moving the building or messing with the post spacing. I started digging and the more I dug, the more lines I found

Here’s the thinking where I stopped and decided to just move the building a few feet (I wanted it as close to the property line as possible since I’m only on one acre):

After deciding where the building needed to be to avoid the lines (about 2-3 feet to the northwest), the contractor finally went out to drill post holes:

After drilling the post holes, the contractor has to wait for the holes to be tested before proceeding.

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What is the estimated cost? I know it’s apples and oranges but just wondering if some of the prices I’ve seen locally are anywhere near comparable.

Mr Stubbs said: What is the estimated cost? I know it’s apples and oranges but just wondering if some of the prices I’ve seen locally are anywhere near comparable. Click to expand…

So I’m a little shy of $24,000 for the building itself, but that includes taxes and permit fees.

I had to remove the concrete and the quote I was going for was $4200 for a 3000PSI 4″ slab with wire mesh reinforcement.

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I plan on sealing/epoxidizing the concrete myself as well as most if not all of the electrical wiring. I’m hoping to come out to $30,000 or less all said and done (not including the lift). I still haven’t decided if I’m going to put the lift in right away or wait a bit, but the lift I’m looking at is around $2,000.

I think a pole barn like mine would be possible to DIY cheaply if you have friends/family you can count on to help you and you can stick to a realistic schedule. I don’t have a lot of friends and family nearby, and I don’t have a lot of confidence that I can finish it in a reasonable amount of time or handle the permitting process and inspectors.

Hole testing? WTF. Why do they have to check the holes before you put the posts in?

Shortbus4x4 said: Hole check? WTF. Why do they have to check the holes before you put the posts in? Click to expand…

Pole Barn Wiring To Be Hidden

In my opinion, make sure they are deep enough (had to be 5′ deep to handle the wind loads at the height of my building) and fairly straight. I am not sure because I was not at home when the inspector came. I jokingly told the contractor the same thing and he assured me not to worry, he hasn’t had any holes fail.

Carslut said: are the images loading for others? I am in SD County and I also need to set up a store, how do I get to the county/city? Click to expand…

The pictures are showing up on my phone, my husband’s and my laptop, so I think the problem is on your side

I can’t tell you what the city and county are like, San Diego I guess. I don’t live in Commiefornia!

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Anyway, here is the latest update. They finished putting up the trusses yesterday and the front frame for the roller doors. The contractor had a pretty sweet homemade attachment for his slider to lift the trusses into place and have a guy at each end hook them up very quickly.

And some “technical” details to help someone trying to figure out how to put together their own barn:

Apparently, I compacted the pad too much and the contractor had trouble getting the final leveling of the pad for the concrete with his mini, so he asked me to scrape the pad with a backhoe, which I did today:

Well, I guess I’ve been remiss in keeping this thread updated, but I guess that’s because I’m a little disappointed that progress is stopped. They “finished” the building on Wednesday May 27 last week, but apparently they did the door installation and didn’t have these guys lined up and ready when the rest of the building was finished

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They will put the doors on the 8th. Furthermore, the particular person I had scheduled finally answered one of my calls on Tuesday, May 26th, and told me that he was out for at least three weeks and could not give me appointment. I called him about a month ago for a quote and told him when construction should start and when it should be done, and he told me it was no problem and would call him when the building was up. I called him on the Friday (and the following Monday and Tuesday…) a week before the building was finished to let him know that I was available for him, but apparently I wasn’t a priority in his schedule. so in the meantime i’m stuck with a large carport. God I hate contractors and wish I had the resources to do it all myself

Ok, time for some updates. The concrete guy came out a week ago to look at the site, although he didn’t know when he could pour, and he said the contractor left the dirt floor too potty and wanted another $600 on top of what he indicated. I should fix it. I told him I would take care of it. He also told me that I need to put an engineered filler because there is too much clay and it will absorb the moisture in the concrete and destroy the curing process. I got the floors leveled out over the weekend and they finally went out and installed the doors today so I guess there was some progress for last week.

I used some mason’s lines across the width of the shop spaced ~2′ deep to measure the high points which I marked with orange marking paint. Then I took the digger and scraped off all the high spots and then tried to level everything as best I could with the bucket. I then broke the masonry line again and used a 2″x6″ scrap to level it to within 1″.

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