Pittsburgh Electric Hoist Wiring Diagram

Pittsburgh Electric Hoist Wiring Diagram – For this project, we were hired to do some hacking for the fair. I worked with Molmol Kuo. Special thanks to Eric Rosenthal for consulting Electronics and Zach for help with the code.

The electric hoist we offer has a built-in motor controller, capacitor and rocker switch, which can be used to manually adjust the direction.

Pittsburgh Electric Hoist Wiring Diagram

The purpose of this project was to move two pallets with different items attached to the hooks of this winch, instead of raising and lowering them evenly over time. So we hacked the motors to allow directional control from the Arduino UNO, but still allow manual control from the rocker switch (if the arduino is not working).

Sherpa 240v Electric Motor Ramp Winch Ac

Our idea was to replicate what the toggle switch does with the arduino. To do this, we understood how the switch works and with the help of a multimeter we understood that when pressing DOWN, the switch connects two pairs of wires (red and white and black/green and black). Similar to pressing UP (red for white, pink for black). [Image #1]

So the up and down switches are like a pair of switches, each one turns on a lamp, so we need 4 relays and we control the arduino to switch all pairs to move the motor in each direction.

[Image #2] You can see what it looks like in the diagram and engine below. I had a problem with directional control, but Eric Rosenthal provided an explanation and solution to the problem. When controlling an AC motor with a solid state relay, the relay capacitor does not discharge, but the switch does not. Therefore, if the capacitor does not discharge, the motor will move in the same direction as the charge. The solution is to add a resistor (200KΩ) between the two terminals of the capacitor, which will discharge the capacitor when the motor is not running (I didn’t have a 200KΩ resistor, so I used two 100KΩ in series).

After that I also hacked another motor, but this motor has two capacitors in parallel, so I put 200KΩ on all capacitors (not sure, but at least it works) [Image #8].

Harbor Freight 2000 Lb Electric Hoist With Remote Control Product Manual

Finally I packed everything in a plastic box and made a hole to put the toggle switch and I wanted to run on AC power so I could control it from outside the box without touching the electronics so it was safe.

The code included a delay based on the motor’s duty cycle, which is 25%. This means that if you use it for 30 seconds, you have to wait about 2 minutes before using it again to avoid damaging the motor.

// This is nSecondsMoving * 4 — If we moved for 30 seconds, we have to wait 2 minutes.

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