Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Wiring Diagram

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Wiring Diagram – Spring is here and time to get out of the Terra Cotta smokehouse, but I need some automatic temperature control. With a nice little electronic monitor and control, you can turn your dumb smoker into a smart smoker and get the heat exactly where you want it. It will work with any electric smoker or barbecue. You cut the extension cord, plug this controller into the smoker’s power supply, set it up and forget it! Here is the product list:

I chose the DN300A from Thermomart because it has an F range from -22 to 575. There are other similar controllers on the market that go up to 212, but I need more if I cook at higher temperatures and faster. The only downside is the wires to the sensor, which you need to avoid melting, so keep them away from smokers. To prevent injury with this, some thermal insulation should be done. I’ll try to find the temperature protector later. The hardest part of building a tool is understanding instructions from someone who doesn’t speak English. The unit uses a built-in relay to cycle the power to the smoker based on the minimum and maximum you enter. (Save an hour of stress from the first time H for heating, from C for cooling). Once installed, you can use the heater as a temperature sensor!

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Wiring Diagram

Step 1: Cut a hole in the end of the project box for the controller. Remove the orange clips used to secure the device and check the fit. 71x29mm fits well:

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This is how the cable for the controller is connected. I ran the wires through the larger part of the controller and put them back in place after wiring. remove the small cover on the back of the controller and make a connection.

Secure the small wires with cable ties so they can’t be pulled out. A pair of loops tied with a zipper should be for it.

Slide the small orange back into the control panel to hold the unit in the project box.

I put my sensor pear in the small hole in the end of the smoke pad. I placed the probe on another thermometer to see if they were close/accurate. When I find a fire resistant DN300 I will replace them both.

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I tested it all day on a terra cotta and brinkman electric smoker and it’s wattage difference is amazing to get the right temperature for smoking!

I used some npeex tape to make a protective jacket for the sensor wires. Punch a hole in the center of the strip, then remove the sticky side and fold it together to cover the first few inches of the wire. The Brinkman I’m testing has a small gap around the top cap so it fits snugly, doesn’t expose the wires to direct heat, and prevents the wires from melting the metal.

This should work perfectly for smokers with a small fan to blow out the coals. Next I’ll come along and try the carbon version using a 12V wall wart to run a small computer fan adding carbon monoxide to the stream to increase its temperature. It should have good results.

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