Goodman Electric Heat Strip Wiring Diagram

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This 240 volt heating coil can be added to a Goodman air handling unit, packaged air conditioner or packaged heat pump for winter heating.

Goodman Electric Heat Strip Wiring Diagram

It is controlled by the sequencers to obtain a high temperature balance. Fully assembled and tested. Overcurrent protection built into all units as specified on the electrical data card (see data sheet). The possibilities are many branches. High temperature limit controls for safe operation. Plug connection cables for easy installation in air handling units. Stainless nickel-chrome heating element.

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When installing the heating coil in the air handling unit, the electric power supply must be connected directly to the heating coil, which will operate the heating coil and the air handling unit. A separate circuit for the air handling unit is not required. If you install a heating coil in a packaged air conditioner or heat pump, an additional circuit is required in addition to the heating coil circuits to operate the packaged unit.

Depending on the size of the heating coil installed, one or two heating coil circuits are required (See “LEGAL SPECIFICATIONS” below for the number and size of circuits required for this heating coil.) In your home’s electrical panel, individual 220 volt double-pole circuit breakers are required for each circuit. . Looking to add heating capacity to a Trane RunTru air handling unit? With this Trane RunTru Air Handler 5kW electric heater kit, you can easily add additional heat to your HVAC setup with confidence that the heater is compatible with your system.

This electric heating kit is an oven heating coil that connects to your air handling unit to provide extra heat and help your system keep you comfortable. With this option you do not need an additional region.

This particular Trane RunTru Air Handler 5 kW electric heater kit is rated at 5 kW and has a power of 16,400 BTU at 240 volts. This heater is compatible with Trane RunTru air handling units and can be an effective addition to your heat pump system or home air conditioning system.

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This 5 kW Trane RunTru Air Handler electric heater kit includes a circuit breaker and the controller and power cords use a single polarized plug to connect the heater and air handling unit. This electric heater kit is designed to work with Trane RunTru air handling units and can be used in a variety of configurations.

For a full description of all warranties that apply to this product, as well as each manufacturer’s requirements, please refer to the consumer’s manual and/or manufacturer’s product warranty documentation. Online warranty registration must be completed within 60 days of installation. Due to state laws, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Call for warranty coverage on scratches and dents and excess material.

Installation of each product must comply with all applicable codes and regulations. The service of a certified and trained electrician may be required for the installation process.

Best Answer: Thank you for your question about the HA21436 BAYHTR1505BRKC 5 kW Electric Heater Kit for Trane RunTru Air Handlers – Circuit Breaker. Unfortunately we do not have the BAYHTR1405 heater in our range. However, we at Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment are happy to offer other solutions that meet your needs.

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