Franklin Electric Control Box Wiring Diagram

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Franklin Electric Control Box Wiring Diagram

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Franklin Electric 1 1/2 Or 1hp 230v Control Box W/overload

This article describes how to repair a sealed well that is leaking circuit breakers and draining water at slow, low, and high pressures.

After performing some simple electrical tests, the homeowner traced the water pump problems to the wires in the well’s electrical circuit.

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How to test voltage, current, resistance to help diagnose quality pump problems such as leaks, blown fuses, poor pump performance, or well water supply.

Franklin Fueling Systems Magvfc 2 Hp Or 4 Hp Variable Frequency Controller

Caution: The power cord is dangerous: it can shock or kill you. If you are not trained and familiar with proper and safe electrical practices, do not attempt;

2018-12-26 e (mod) – how to check submersible spring coil and motor – standard resistance values

It sounds to me like the motor is overheating or broken and drawing a lot of current (amps).

1. Electrical inspection of self-pump for worn or damaged insulation (low resistance), open (infinite current), and short to ground (zero or near zero resistance).

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Pump wire tests are performed by making a connection between each wire (at the wellhead) and ground.

If the reservoir tank is metal, connect the VOM/DMM ground wire (make sure it is a clean connection) to the reservoir tank or metal pipe). If the spring box is plastic, you need to connect the main wire to the circuit ground.

It is difficult to check for wire leaks or weak shorts to ground without pulling the wire out of the well because the end of the wire will have a connection through the detonator – provides some resistance, but not as much as we have seen. without the assistance of the pump operator.

Be careful: If you don’t know how to safely test electrical wires and circuits, you could get a fatal shock or start a house fire. Operate with power off and disconnect from pump circuit.

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When the power is OFF and the wires to the pump are DISCONNECTED at the end of the house so that there is no power to the pump or controls,

And if you know how to use a DMM or VOM safely, because it can kill you if you wire it up wrong,

You or your electrician can use a DMM or VOM in ohms mode to measure circuit resistance.

You need to know the total length of the wire because you need to enter an adjustment factor for the length of the wire.

Control Box Water Pump Accessories At

You can check the resistance between each wire and ground – and the springs in the box, because sometimes a short circuit appears not between wires, but between one wire and ground.

See pages 24 and 25 for instructions on how to test the resistance of the pump leads.

I have a 240v submersible generator that worked fine for almost 2 years but now the 20 amp breaker trips but at different times.

It can work all day or work in 5 minutes. How do you test the wires to see if there is a short between the house and the well or in the well itself? The house wiring is very deep.

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Strange things happen in my house. First, I have 25 amp switches going to my 1.5 HP pump 160 feet away. He has broken 5 times in the last few days

I took it off the motor and it was open (infinite resistance) to ground on both legs and 3.2 ohms between the 2 wires going to the motor.

The symptoms I am seeing are that my well takes about 7 to 10 minutes to fill (I have a 120 gallon galvanized tank with no hose). When the water in the tank reaches about 30 psi, the house water begins to release air and water mixed together.

I replaced the starter cap. because it sounds like the pump is working very hard at first but eases up as the pressure builds. Changing the caps does not help.

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I thought the caps were bad and it drew too much current when I turned it on and pressed the switches. I don’t know if the system is fluid or not. Any ideas?

Joe, Switches in the pump circuit means the pump is drawing a lot of current [or an actual short circuit].

If there is no short circuit in the circuit, we do not expect a pump motor. Remember that testing motors is difficult because when the parts start spinning, the spin can move inward, changing the electrical properties of the device.

For readers familiar with the use of electronic testers, see also Safety and Completeness

How Long Should My Submersible Well Pump Last?

I speak before I’m ready, but from what I’ve learned so far, there is a positive correlation between current drag and conditions other than a failed car.

Photo left: The orange extension cord used to secure the pressure switch to the pump is not suitable and is not secure.

So we could argue that in the vacuum driving the tank the pressure would be higher than normal, but I doubt it. The pressure tank will quickly release water if cut-off pressure is not reached immediately and shut off the pump (unless the pressure control switch is damaged and detects that the tank has reached pressure).

I think I’ll pull the pump and see if the bearings are loose or if the impeller seal is bad and if they look good I can take it to an auto shop for an inspection.

See also SINGLE-PHASE PUMP MAINTENANCE MANUAL [PDF] (2005) Goulds, ITT, website:, available from the company or as a free download, for examples of spring motors and cable resistance tests.

Also check that your fountain wire size is appropriate for the distance from the fountain structure (eg this table is a general guide to fountain wire sizes.

I do this thing. I went on vacation two days ago, but there were problems, so I had to go home.

The photo on the left, not from Joe’s house, shows an unshielded 240V wire going into the well box at the top of the well in the basement.

Backup Power For A Community Well

I show 238V on the box cut out of the power box. when the pump kicks in i miss one leg and it hits the double mast box

. I tested this theory (I really know how the foot goes with the meter) by taking my generator and connecting the 230V side to the pump. I have a 7000 watt generator so no problem running the pump. It takes 5 minutes to fill a 120 gallon tank.

It took forever [to get the tank pressure] above 25 psi, but when it hit 30 psi it took about 2 minutes for the pressure to stop at 68 psi. (my pump and tank are a few roads away from my house. and I adjusted the pressure).

My wife and kids showered, ran the washing machine, used the sprinkler in the yard for a couple of hours and checked the pressure gauge and everything was back to normal.

Franklin Electric, 2 Hp Motor/pump Hp, 220v Ac, Pump Control Panel

That being said, my power cable from the breaker box to the well is buried underground. Today I dug around and found a blown spot in the insulation. I cut off and realized the leg I was taking was broken when the pump turned on.

I thought there was a gap in the wire when I planted it and didn’t notice it. When the pump is not running, no current is drawn even though it is electric.

When current begins to flow through the wire, the loss of insulation is sufficient to trip the breaker – similar to a ground fault in a 480V system.

I am an electrician and very familiar with 480V-2300V systems. I’m not sure if I saw an issue with air pressure in the tank or something like that in my previous post.

Star Water Systems 1 Hp 230v Quick Disconnect Pump Control Box

An open wire can damage the pump or other electronics, and a hard part can mean a power failure or blow up.

Make sure the pressure switch tries to activate the pump and there

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