Electrical Yamaha Warrior 350 Wiring Diagram

Electrical Yamaha Warrior 350 Wiring Diagram – Hi all! My name is Anthony and I just bought my first Warrior 350, it’s a 2001. Just a HFM slip on, carbs have not been rejected for exhaust. When I bought it, it didn’t work. The engine turned over but no spark. After replacing the stator and ignition coil, it fired up. At this point I knew the engine was good and it was time to drop some $$ to fix it. The wiring on this thing is rough as hell and I’ve gone 90% of it and fixed it. I’m having trouble figuring some things out and I’m hoping people here can help.

Sorry it took me a few days to get a video up. Work has been crazy! Here is the link to the video. When I put the choke on it sounds like it got better. Does this mean I’m not getting enough fuel? I still can’t figure out the wiring on this thing. I ordered the repair manual so hope that helps.

Electrical Yamaha Warrior 350 Wiring Diagram

Take the spark plug out and see what color it is, it sounds like it’s running lean and maybe check the intake boot between the carb and the head it might be cracked

Starter Relay Solenoid For Yamaha Warrior 350 Yfm350 1987 2004 Yfm350x Atv New

I have checked the boot by visual inspection when I took the carb off to clean it. I will try spraying the trunk with starter fluid to see if the quad revs higher. I replaced the old plug and it looks good on the gray side. This is after letting the quad warm up for 5 minutes and taking it up and down the driveway a few times.

Thanks for the info yamahauler. I did some research and read that the HFM tube comes with a jet kit and most use a 148/150 main jet. I just ordered a main jet 147.5, 150 and a pilot jet 45. I’m hoping that after I get the main and pilot up that will solve the respect issue I’m having.

Any ideas on the neutral swap question I have? I’m still waiting for my repair manual to get here.

Depending on where you are, 45 may be too fat. Id just run the main first before playing with the pilot

Yamaha Warrior 350 Yfm350 Stator Coil Tested Working 3hn 85510 00 00

I am based in MA and ride year round. I’ll take your advice to just run the mains first and see how it goes. I was playing with the quad last night and I thought I was getting too much fuel because the engine will backfire if I rev it high or between shifts. Per yamahauler my fold indicates I can run lean and I know lean will also cause backlash. I figured my problem might be with the pilot jet as I was running at idle and if I remember correctly the pilot jet doesn’t affect fuel delivery from idle to 1/4 throttle and raising my main jet would fix my back. fire / financial problem.

My jets came in today! Hopefully I can work on it tomorrow after work. I’m still waiting for the repair manual to come in. The wiring problem is driving me crazy! I think they bypassed the neutral switch at the relay plug instead of the clutch. There is a baby blue wire that goes to the end of the neutral switch. I can pull the wire out, pull in the clutch and it starts. Does that sound right? I think I’ve figured out where the 3rd orange wire comes from; CDI or rectifier. I’m not sure if the 3 orange wires should connect to each other. I’m trying to find a wiring diagram, but I can’t make any sense from the ones I’ve found.

The orange wire coming from the cdi splits off and goes to the coil pack and not sure where else

The blue wire that goes to the neutral switch from the shifter when plugged in is the neutral light on or off if it starts with it disconnected then the neutral switch may be fried

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You sir are a savior! Thanks for coming up with the wiring diagram. Good news, I replaced the main jet and adjusted the fuel/air screw 2 1/4 turns. The quad is purring like a kitten now. It still fires at high revs so I still have some tuning to do. I cannot thank you enough for the information posted. I’m ripping the wires tomorrow.

I haven’t had a chance to take a look at the wiring until today; finally getting over a cold. I have a question, I think the green plug on the harness goes to the neutral relay. So that would mean the other plug bypassed with the speaker wire is the starter switch relay? Can someone check it for me? I’m still waiting for my repair manual to come in; stupid ebay! I’m trying to figure out what made them do this to the wiring instead of dumping money into parts that aren’t needed.

Here is a picture of the green plug. The wiring diagram shows 4 wires, someone decided to stick 6 in there instead. I haven’t taken a picture of the other plug yet as it is hidden behind the battery box which is taped up.

YAMAHAULER said: the orange wire from the cdi splits and goes to the coil pack and not sure where else the blue wire is that goes to the neutral switch from the shifter when it needs to be connected is the neutral light on or off if it starts with it disconnected, the neutral switch can be fried. Click to expand…

Electrical Windscreen Issue.. Diagram Needed.

The neutral light never comes on, either with the wire connected or not. I think the switch is fried and the previous owner bypassed it, and the parking brake. For some reason the kill switch has the black w/white strip connected to the black soldered wire.

I finally got my repair manual but it is junk. Did that wiring diagram come from a Clymer repair manual? I’m considering ordering one like this instead of the pdf version I bought on ebay.

Well I picked up the Clymer service manual for the machine but before I had a chance to get into the wiring the starter clutch went bad. My friend took apart his 01 warrior after his chain came loose and split his engine. I took his main harness and neutral switch and a wire to it since I had rigged it. I replaced the starter clutch with a brand new one, unscrewed my friend’s rig in neutral with the old wires to make sure it would still fire and go before replacing the harness. Well I replaced the wiring harness and now when I push the start button the engine won’t turn over. I put the old hack harness on and the quad started no problem at all. The wiring harness I removed from my friend’s quad is intact and it worked fine on his machine. I can get the engine to turn over by jumping on the starter solenoid with a screwdriver, but it won’t start, I’m guessing it’s not getting spark. Time to break out the multimeter… I’m almost ready to give up on this thing.

*edit* I traced the new wires and everything looks good with the multimeter but no connection on the clutch and park switch so I passed them. I can’t get juice out of the starter magnet either. I got a new spare and threw it on but same problem. My relays start clicking when I give the reverse switch a test light and the light is very dim. I am so lost!!! Any ideas out there?!?!?!

Wire Wiring Harness For Yamaha Warrior 350 Yfm350x 1987 Moto 4 250 Yfm250 1989 1uy 82590 00 00

I decided to tear apart the old wiring hoping to find out what is being bypassed and this harness is a mess. Below are the wires spliced ​​together. There are a couple I’m not sure where they go as I’m not in front of the quad bringing the wiring into the house (figures out).

I was stopped by my friends and helped to take more tests. We found that the reverse switch was bad according to the test in the book; no continuity with the lever pushed forward leading to the switch. Will this cause the motor to not turn over? I don’t see how if the green wire goes to the light bulb from the switch. I’ll try to find a reverse switch tomorrow. He thinks I may have a bad CDI. Got a 2000 warrior that had the engine pulled and the cylinder base gasket replaced and then put the engine back in. The guy tells me I should be able to throw the battery in and it should go, well quess what – no spark.

Turns out the pickup was firing so I put in a brand new stator and still no spark. I read something

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