Electric Strike Wiring Diagram

Electric Strike Wiring Diagram – The latest access control systems are easier to install than older systems. Of course, this is easy only if you know how to connect everything. The devil is in the details, and this article provides the wiring diagrams you need to get your access control system working.

As a review, the advantage of IP access control system is that everything is located at the door. This diagram shows an example of an IP access control system that uses a reader-controller.

Electric Strike Wiring Diagram

Reader-controller connects to the network and uses PoE. These include a pigtail of wire connected to the electric lock, REX button, door sensor, and motion detector. There are several configurations available, all of which use specialized access control management software.

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This diagram shows an example using Isonas reader control in an indoor installation. The reader-controller is connected to a network switch that includes PoE. The pigtail on the back of the reader-controller provides all the connections for STRIKE, REX, motion detectors, door open sensors, and any other equipment needed in the door.

Power (12VDC) is available in the reader-controller. Up to 500 ma current is available to operate the electric lock. If more power is required, an External Door Kit (EDK) is required. Voltage is applied to the electric lock, and the relay in the EDK controls the range. The diagram below shows the wiring using an external power supply.

When the Isonas Reader-Controller is installed outdoors, an Exterior Door Kit (EDK) is added to provide additional security. In this configuration, the reader-controller sends an encoded message to the EDK located inside the house. This prevents a vandal from cutting the wires and opening the door from the outside. The EDK also has a relay that can provide power that requires the magnetic lock. Magnetic closure requires more power than electric strike.

Hartmann’s access control system uses a different configuration. The system can be used with interior doors or exterior doors. In this system, there is a door reader on the outside of the door, and a controller part is located on the inside of the door. The controller is connected to a network drop including PoE. It is a more flexible system as it can use many different types of door readers. This access control system can use a standard RFID reader that captures card credentials, or a smartphone door reader, a biometric door reader, or even one that recognizes a person’s face and measures a person’s temperature.

Electric Strike Basics

Since the intelligent controller is located inside the door, it provides protection against vandalism. The controller provides 12V DC power for the electric strike.

The system also supports the high power required by Magalox. In this case, another supply of 12 VDC or 24 V DC would be necessary. The Magalox requires a suppressor (not shown on the diagram) to prevent back EMF that could damage the relay.

Some biometric reader-controllers include a network interface as well as a Wiegand interface. The Wiegand interface allows you to connect the unit to a standard door access controller. Most biometric reader controllers require a separate power supply instead of using PoE. The diagram below shows how the face recognition panel is wired.

Some biometric readers can check the temperature of a person entering a secure area. These multi-functional biometric panels can be used as stand-alone monitoring stations that scan body temperature and can also check whether the person is wearing a mask or not.

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Wiring an IP access control system is less complicated than older centralized access control systems. Instead of running wires from a central location, IP access control systems use network infrastructure. The intelligence is located in the door, so there is a short piece of wire in the lock, REX, sensors, and other equipment needed for access control. There are reader-controllers and readers with separate controllers and some can work with PoE.

If you need help choosing the right access control system, please contact us at 800-431-1658 in the United States or 914-944-3425 elsewhere, or use our contact form. Fail-Secure = The lock will not open if the power goes out. It also means that force is required to open the lock.

In the image below, the strike is connected to the normally open relay contact. This will prevent the device from sending power and will remain off until the relay trips.

The ACLOC103 is easily convertible between fail-safe and fail-safe modes (default: fail-safe), and can be operated via 12V / 24V AC / DC depending on site conditions.

Installing A Maglock On A Storefront Door

The electric strike wiring is the same, just change NO (Normally Closed) to NC (Normally Closed) in the above procedures.

1) Connect the red and black wires together and connect these 2 wires to the positive terminal of the +12V supply, that is +12V.

2) Connect the blue and green wires together and connect these 2 wires to the NO (Normally Open) terminal of the door lock output relay of the access controller.

3) Connect the COM (common) terminal of the door lock output relay of the access controller to the negative terminal of the power supply, i.e. 0V/GND.

Series Electric Strike

2) Connect the green wire to the NO (Normally Open) terminal of the access controller door lock output relay.

If intrusion alert notification or door delay are required. You need to connect the door sensor to the access controller.

Remember to configure the Smart PSS to enable the Door Timeout feature. Please refer to the section: Intelligent function – set the door open time The device can also be powered by 8…12 V AC or 8…24 V DC power supply. The device is added (joined) and removed (excluded) from/from the Z-Wave network by pressing the Z-Wave button for one second. Be aware that the induction and interview process may take longer than expected because the device acts as a FLIRS node and supports security communications. As a result, each step of the interview process can take several seconds.

Important safety information Please read this manual carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations in this manual may be dangerous or a violation of the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor and seller will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from failure to follow the instructions in this manual or any other content. Use this device only for its intended purpose. Follow the disposal instructions. Do not dispose of electronic components or batteries near flames or open heat sources.

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Z-Wave is the international wireless protocol for smart home communication. This equipment is suitable for use in the area specified in the Quickstart section.

Z-Wave ensures a reliable communication by reconfirming each message (two-way communication) and each main powered node can act as a repeater for other nodes (mesh network) if the receiver is in direct wireless range of the transmitter. not

This device and all other Z-Wave certified devices can be used with any other Z-Wave certified device, regardless of brand and origin, as long as both are tuned to the same frequency range.

If a device supports secure communication it will communicate with other secure devices as long as that device provides the same or a higher level of security. Otherwise it will automatically switch to a lower level of security to maintain backward compatibility.

How To Wire An Access Control Board

This Electric Strike Lock Control is a Z-Wave Plus enabled security product. A security-enabled Z-Wave controller must be used for full use of this product. Electric strike is an access control device used to lock and release doors. Electric shocks are mounted in or on the door frame and work in conjunction with the mechanical door lock on the principle of electronically controlling the rotation of the keeper without manual retraction of the mechanical door lock Allows you to open the door. This product combines a 16mm thick strike set (which will fit almost all door formats) and Z-Wave Plus power wireless control. Z-Wave mechanical locks and controls are powered by a 9V block battery or an external 8-12V AC / 8-24V DC transformer. The Z-Wave control accepts commands to open or close the strike. Depending on the configuration of the Doorlock CC, the door will automatically close after a certain amount of time, even if there is no ‘Close? The order was sent.

This must be in the factory default state to enable (add) the Z-Wave device to the network. Please make sure to reset the device to factory defaults. You can do this by performing an exclusion operation as described below in the manual. Each Z-Wave controller can perform this operation, however it is recommended to use the main controller of the previous network to ensure that the device is properly excluded from this network.

This device also allows reset without the involvement of the Z-Wave controller. This procedure should only be used if the primary controller is inactive.

Press and hold the Z-Wave button on the bottom of the device for at least 10 seconds to perform a factory reset.

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The product contains a battery. Please remove the battery when the device is not in use. Do not mix batteries with different charge levels or different brands.

Strike-Lock has a protection class of IP 20, so it is not recommended to install the device directly outdoors.

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