Electric Pool Heater Wiring Diagram

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This automatic pool heater provides reliable performance. It can be used for a long time to accept high quality materials. The sensitive temperature sensor and self-control system make the heater intelligent without temperature fluctuations. With this digital pool heater, you will have a comfortable swim at your leisure.

Electric Pool Heater Wiring Diagram

VEVOR is a leading brand specializing in equipment and tools. With thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing customers with durable equipment and tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR has occupied the market in more than 200 countries with more than 10 million global members.

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The inner tank of our electric pool heater is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and has cleaner water. The aluminum coated galvanized sheet armor is strong and not easy to wear.

A transparent LCD and indicator lights inform you of the working status of the pool heater. You can change the temperature at any time via the humanized touch screen.

This premium pool heater has an intelligent temperature sensor. It always maintains the temperature at the desired setting value. When the water temperature drops, the heater turns on the heat.

The digital self-diagnosis system maintains safety during operation. If there is no water in the device, a code will appear on the LCD. Therefore, you may be required to repair the heating in time.

Coates St Electric Spa Heater 5.5kw

According to the manual, you shouldn’t spend too much time installing it. It is recommended to use a suitable pump (at least 1.1 kW) to connect the heater to the pool. Pay attention to the order of settings.

This digital and intelligent pool heater provides even heat distribution with high efficiency. It can be applied to multiple scenes, such as indoor and outdoor pools, SPA pools and bathtubs.

Great product worked well once we sorted out the pipe connection, would be nice to know the thread size and type (not just the diameter) so we can get the pipe adapters easier. It only took 13 hours to heat the 1012 gallon pool to 30 degrees. There are mainly four heat sources for pool heating; heat exchanger, heat pump, electric heating and solar panels. Here are installation examples of the three most common sources.

Pahlén offers heat exchangers with output from 13 to 120 kW. A wide range of models for all types of installations.

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I want to turn on my water heater. I have 240 #10 wire with dual 30 AMP switches. My wiring, cable and switch are fine. But when I opened the heater box, I found 5 plugs: L1, L2, Ground, 1, 2.

I think I should use L1 and L2? (and ground of course) If I understood correctly, OUT 1 and 2 are for my pump? If so, do I absolutely have to use OUT for the pump? My pump is already plugged into the other outlet of the switch and I prefer it that way because we start using the pump in the spring before we install the heater that is inside for the winter.

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Cards 1 and 2 are used to control the contactor that turns the pump on and off. This contactor allows the heater to control the pump while remaining on a separate circuit.

To do this, buy a contactor with a 240 V control coil and contacts that match the pump current. Apply power to the pump via the contactor contacts and connect tabs 1 and 2 to the control coil. You can place a contactor in front of the pump output and assign it to the pump. The circuit breaker for the pump should also be a GFCI.

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