Electric Oven Wiring Diagram

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By design, the exhaust fan turns on whenever the grill element is installed and turned on. This is done by using the extra spade contact on the grill element (but not the burner cartridge), which is connected to one of the other contacts used to power the element. Thus, if the fan switch is off, the fan is activated through the contacts of the receptacle closed by the grill element switch terminal H1.

Electric Oven Wiring Diagram

EDIT: Here’s an annotated wiring diagram with the grille installed in the right slot and the front element on. I suspect the red path is where the current flows, and the red “X” indicates that no current may mistakenly flow from the black wire in its normal path.

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Depending on the switch housing being replaced, it is rated at 250V for only 6 minutes, but the element can run for more than 10 seconds. Is this an unavoidable safety issue/fire hazard or are errors leading to this issue considered extremely unlikely?

I’m not sure how widespread this feature or wiring configuration is. After briefly looking online at the wiring diagrams for other models, some (like CVEX4100B) use the same configuration as C221 while others (like SVE47600) use a relay to implement this feature.

With the diagram updated and the path highlighted, the possible L1-Heating Element-L2 path through the fan switch is now shown. In theory, yes, you could have a heater element “shorted” across the fan switch.

CABSTAP switches (particularly DCs) operate by drawing a small current through a heating element inside the switch, which causes the bimetallic strip to change direction and cause the L2 contact to “pulse”. It is likely that a contact is missing (open or Closed) .

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Your concern is at least somewhat justified because there is the possibility of a short there (barring fuses or failed devices not shown in the diagram). However, since in your case contact L2 is left alone, you should still be able to switch off the burner and control it normally even if contact L1 is not open. Also, the most common problem is a generally unsuccessful switch. Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch/Switch Looks like a switch.

Your main issue is the voltage rating on the breaker, which is rated at 6A at 125VAC or 3A at 250VAC (or 1/4 HP at 125-250VAC), but can see up to 10A at 250 VAC in specification. Because the switch is rated for motor loads, it is designed to handle high inrush current levels when the switch is closed. So how good the value is in your situation may depend on whether or not the fan is already running. Given the improbable nature of the situation, it is safe to say that the engineers who designed the furnace were not concerned with the possibility of generating a furnace element through the switch in the unlikely event of a switch failure.

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I bought a second hand stove which the seller said worked but the wiring needed to be rewired into the function selector. Here’s a photo of what the wire looked like when I opened the oven.

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I stuck a sticker with a picture of the wiring diagram to the back of the oven. There are some icons that I don’t understand, and it doesn’t make sense that the g, and e terminals are both empty. Where does the switch directly come from?

To reverse the problem, I unplugged all spade connectors and measured with a multimeter on the sides marked with numbers and letters and recorded as I turned the knob which pairs shorted for each function.

I concluded that the lower element should be connected to 6, the upper one to 5, the fan to 3, the convection element. About 4, 8, 1 for the lights looked active and neutral, and 7, 2 rotisserie and grill elem.enter image description were here.

Here’s a picture of what the wire looks like after I’ve tried to fix it. Based on the above results and my understanding of the wiring diagram, the clock is on but cycles clicking off, on, and displaying —:–. Like it resets every 3-5 seconds. The oven doesn’t work.

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English: Wiring diagram of the Soviet-era electric stove. The manufacturer’s warranty at the factory is 25 years in the warranty, but this stove has been running for 29 years. How long can your oven live?

Factory stamped “AK LMZ”; This oven model was discontinued in 1990 and discontinued in May 1991.

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