Electric Oven Thermostat Wiring Diagram

Electric Oven Thermostat Wiring Diagram – The copper wire that connects the thermostat to the probe on a 60’s Westinghouse wall furnace broke, but luckily I found an unused OEM replacement. The replacement is part # 5300162224 made by Robert Shaw for Frigidaire/Westinghouse, part # Q91293 originally made for Westinghouse.

When I removed the original thermostat, I tried to label the wires, but there were fewer wires than there were connections on the thermostat, so I’m not sure which wire goes where. I was told that the tech should be able to figure out which wire goes where on the thermostat, but so far, at least one tech who can’t talk on the phone, has been unwilling to do so. …is there any color coding or wiring on these old thermostats? There appear to be five strings.

Electric Oven Thermostat Wiring Diagram

If you can’t wire the thermostat, the door closer is probably the least of your problems. This is not possible without a circuit diagram or schematic. See inside panels for wiring diagram or data sheet. Each oven has a different thermostat. Not just from manufacturer to manufacturer, but from model to model in the same old range. Knowing what the contacts on the thermostat look like and break is key to wiring it correctly. However, it is not easy without a wiring diagram. It is bad to have more wires than the terminals of the thermostat wires. It’s not too bad that the thermostat has more wire terminals than wires. This may be an additional terminal used for another model and may not be used for your model. If you label the wires correctly, it should work.

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These are two terminals rather than wires. I’m not sure if I labeled them correctly. How do I access the interior panels?

In these older stages it was common to attach a wiring diagram to the back panel and varnish it. After that, they put an envelope and started to stick it on the road. If there is a drawer under the door, remove it and look behind and under the cabinet or inside the right and left walls near the floor. You probably have a common cord for both items, the cook cord, the cook cord, the indicator light, and the clock cord, if you have the Timed Cook option, which is 5. This is just a guess. Where they go on the thermostat is anyone’s guess.

Here are some pictures of the wiring and the old thermostat. I’m going to pull the oven out to see if the wiring diagram is on the back panel.

You can see the paper on the strings where I tried to write them, but when I went back the strings didn’t line up. In the picture there are two connectors on the sides of the old thermostat with black wires coming out, I marked the two wires from the furnace to those connectors….I thought I had it installed, but both black wires are coming . The thermostat has female connectors on the sides, and the wires coming out of my furnace terminate in female connectors, so I don’t know how that happened.

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I found a local technician who is willing to at least take a look…..it looks like there are only four wires from the furnace to the thermostat – two on the side of the thermostat and two to the lugs. at the bottom of the thermostat, but the three tabs seem to have signs of being added at some point, with scratches…..

Ctone said: but all three tabs seem to have signs of being connected at some point, scratches….. Click to expand… Any loose wires that don’t connect to anything?

Not what I see. The two black wires on the sides of the old thermostat are confusing because they both end in females, and the wire connectors I marked as going to those tabs are also female. When the old thermostat was in place the connection tabs were on the bottom and I couldn’t tell exactly which wire went to which tab, you should have felt more or less where they were…..

Maybe this will help clarify what you are dealing with without the wiring diagram. You have to trace back from the thermostat to see where each wire is connected, the cooking element, the cooking element, the indicator light, etc. To connect them to the thermostat, you need to know the circuit of the thermostat (which the contacts make or break). ) or you need a wiring diagram. This is a universal thermostat of the electric range and it does not look like your thermostat, but it shows the internal contacts of the thermostat. If you have such a thermostat connection diagram, no problem.

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The thermostat I bought as a replacement was made by Robert Shaw of Frigidaire/Westinghouse/Corox and seems to include many previous versions…so I think there must be a common thermostat wiring assembly used everywhere. many different stoves over several years.

I will call Robert Shaw Co. on monday, but i doubt they will be much help because when i called them about the oem thermostat, they were not helpful at all, and that thermostat seems to be sold, at least for now. Somewhere in the 2000s. I was told a few years ago by a technician in my town that a few people here had the same furnace, so I was hoping an older tech might be familiar enough with the furnace and thermostat to be able to get the wiring. …but so far the only person who has answered my phone and tried to help me seems to be unfamiliar with this type of oven.

If the wiring diagram is behind the furnace, which wire connects there to the thermostat? I can’t take out the oven by myself, so I need someone to help me, don’t want it to fall down.

The thermostat I bought as a replacement was made by Robert Shaw of Frigidaire/Westinghouse/Corox. Click to expand… A picture of the thermostat showing the terminals can be provided along with the numbers on the box or packaging.

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Dan O. said: A picture of the thermostat showing the terminals should be provided along with the numbers on the box or package. Did you get the oven wiring diagram? His photo would help too. Click to expand… I got a “standard” wiring diagram for the oem thermostat from the manufacturer. I am wondering if that means my furnace may be wired differently or if the wiring protocol remains the same.

I got a “typical” wiring diagram for an oem thermostat from the manufacturer. Click to expand… Still wondering which thermostat you got. I waited (asked) for his picture.

I am wondering if that means my furnace may be wired differently or if the wiring protocol remains the same. Click to expand… Usually all the terminals on the thermostat are used. I’ve never seen a Westinghouse thermostat with micro wiring. The only wire that can work without a neutral.

I’ll probably need to see a better picture of the now disconnected wires showing the actual diagram of the furnace wires and their colors. Hopefully the wire shown in the wiring diagram is color coded.

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The technician came today and we took the oven out and sure enough there was a wiring diagram behind the oven. More than fifty years old, but it happened, when the repairman re-installed the thermostat and the furnace worked again. The wiring diagram was not color coded, but there were wires going to the thermostat. I was surprised that he was able to fix it, because of the three I invited, he was the only one willing to try it, and he was thirty years old and had never worked in an old furnace before. Perhaps the stove will last a few more decades.

The replacement thermostat was made by a Canadian company called Zodiac Thermostats, which is no longer a business, but as far as I know they made the Robert Shaw Controls thermostat, which they made for Frigidaire. Westinghouse’s Corox also has its name on the thermostat. I bought the thermostat on e-bay from a guy who bought it from a warehouse that sells NOS inventory. The thermostat is new, unused.

Model # 5300162224 or QE162224P looks like the original in the pictures I posted above, same tabs, etc.

[looks] like the original in the pictures I posted above, same tabs, etc… Click to expand… That’s what I wanted to know. The instructions specified both the Corox thermostat design and the Robertshaw design. I wanted to know which one

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