Electric Kettle Wiring Diagram

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Electrical assembly is a great way to both simplify and increase the level of control during the process. By adding an electric heating element directly to the kettle, you avoid the limited work space and heat of a traditional stove, as well as the space limitations associated with a propane torch. As the heating element is immersed directly in the water/wort, this results in a very efficient heat transfer. You will be able to heat water/wort faster, cheaper and more accurately than a propane torch.

Electric Kettle Wiring Diagram

If you are thinking of building an electric brewery, I highly recommend you visit The Electric Brewery. This is a fantastic resource where Cal shows you the step-by-step details of how to build your own electric brewery, one of the best. HomeBrewTalk.com is another great source of information with a dedicated forum for brewing. Many members there have been a great help in putting my setup together.

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Building an electric building is not cheap, but this guide will show you how to easily and cheaply build a basic hot water tank (HLT) and drinking kettle (BK) – the whole installation can be assembled. about $300, a third of which is the installation of a 240V outlet. Heating in this case is provided by a 5500W water heater powered by a 240V mains. This unit can also be easily upgraded with the addition of a second cabin in the future dedicated to HLT and BK.

I will list most of the parts needed here. There are a few small things like machine screws, nuts, etc… I won’t list because I’m guessing you have a coffee pot full of them if you think you can handle this project. In addition to the basic tools such as a jigsaw, drill, vice, etc., you will need a set of step bits to drill the holes in the concrete. I used these port forwarding bits and they work fine. More power to you if you have fancy shots, but they’re optional.

The control panel is the center of the electric brewery. It will insert into the tap, monitor the water/wort temperature and control the heating element. While we will build a simple version with a single element control, they can be as complex as you like with alarms, timers, switches and the like.

SYL-2352 PID Temperature Controller, $44.50 :  The PID is the “brain” of your electrical output. It reads the temperature and controls the heat output through the SSR. This particular model is very affordable and can run on either a 120V or 240V power source.

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PT100-L50M14 RTD Temperature Sensor, Stainless, $33.95: The RTD temperature sensor is the one that is actually responsible for measuring the temperature transmitted to the FEED. This item is specially designed for welding equipment. You can get it in a 2″ or 4″ drill, but if you’ve chosen a 4″ drill, I think the 2″ would be better if mounted directly on the wall.

Panel Mount Connector for RTD Sensor RTDCON, $3.75:  The panel mount connector allows the probe to be disconnected from both the control panel and the coil.

40 amp SSR with heater, ~$12:   A rotating SSR is an actuator that allows electricity to pass through the element and turn the PID on/off. They can be found fairly cheaply on eBay.

Panel Mount Fuse Holder, ~$3:  At only $3, this is a great investment to protect your expensive PID with an affordable fuse. Make sure you buy a fuse designed for 30mm fuses so local replacements are easy to find.

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Thermal compound, ~$1:  This will help transfer heat between the SSR and the heatsink. If you already have some of those jobs.

Eaton 2-bay charging center #BR24L70SGP, $12.47:  The charging center will serve as an enclosure for the control panel. When using a charging hub, it already includes all the plugs and terminals needed for basic power connections, and it’s cheap.

3/4″ Two-Screw Connectors, 5 Pack No. Also used when installing new electrical line to connect wires to switch, spa panel and outlet.

Petra #90-2028 10′ 4-Wire Dryer Cord, $19.35: Wire and plug that connects the control panel to the power source. If using a different outlet, make sure you buy a valve that will match the style you want. At 10 feet long, it is enough to cut off a few feet to use where the 10G wire is needed for wiring the inside of the control panel.

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J-B Weld 8265-S Cold Weld, $4.98:  Used to join radiators, kettle lids and just about anything handy.

25 Amp DPST Toggle Switch #S331R, $12.04. Without a switch to completely cut off the electricity from the heating element, one leg will always be hot. This practice is normal, just be careful when an owl is attached. You can add a transfer switch to completely disconnect the power from the control panel. This is something I may still go back and do at some point, I’m actually just leaving it because the test button on the series cord works like a switch for me. When this switch is installed, it is connected in the control panel between the SSR and the input socket.

A 240V power source is required to connect an electric kettle. At full power, a 5500W element will draw around 24Amps, so it should be protected by a 30A circuit breaker and wired with 10G or thicker wire. For safety, it should also be GFCI protected, like a bathroom or kitchen. The problem is that high amperage GFCI circuit breakers are very expensive. The cheapest way is to use a spa panel designed for hot tubs, which is much cheaper with a 50 amp GFCI breaker than you can buy a single box. Another option is a power strip with built-in GFCI protection. I went this route because I found a cord on ebay for $75, but they are usually much more expensive. I chose this because it would be easier to take with me when I go. In most cases, you will want to install a separate outlet for the kettle. If you don’t know how to wire, read a lot and ask questions of someone who knows what they are doing. If you are not comfortable with it, try something.

My power runs with three wires (two hot and ground) for a total of 240v. Because of this option, it is better to go with a 4-wire setup (two hot, one neutral and a ground), since you can supply 120V by connecting one of the hot and neutral. This gives more flexibility if you want to use the outlet for something else or add other components such as pumps that use 120V. My power cable doesn’t have a neutral, so that was my limiting factor.

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2 Pole 30 Amp Circuit Breaker, $8-$12:  Assuming your breaker has 2 open outlets, you need to install a 30 amp breaker to power the outlet. You must purchase the appropriate replacement for your board brand. In my case, I’m using a Cutler-Hammer BR type panel.

10/3 NMB Wire, ~$1-$2/ft:  This is the wire that will run from your switch to the spa panel and from the spa panel to the outlet. I had a fake lying around so I don’t know the exact price. You may be able to find a local electrical supply store that buys the wire for less than Home Depot. I use a site that charges per foot based on 1000 square feet regardless of how many you buy, but YMMV.

These parts, along with the temperature sensor, are installed on the side of the hull. If you want the BK and HLT separately, you order two kits (plus an optional RTD kit).

Camco 02963 5500W 240V Heating Element, $23.91: Kettle heat source. It gives off a LOT of heat.

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Vision sensors are very useful for measuring volumes, and for less than $30 extra, can be installed in the same mounting hole as a temperature sensor. Bargainfittings.com has rate shipping, so you can take advantage of it. If you go this route, replace the Auberins complete RTD probe with a 4″ x 1/4″ NPT probe. A 2-inch probe would be too short if connected through a T-scope.

1/2″ NPT to 1/4″ NPT Stainless Adapter, $3.00:  For connecting a 1/4″ NPT probe to a 1/2″ NPT T fitting.

The first step will be to install an electrical outlet. As mentioned before, the way I did it and the way you will do it are probably a little different. I had a streak

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