Electric Hoist Single Phase Hoist Wiring Diagram

Electric Hoist Single Phase Hoist Wiring Diagram – This £3,000. The A-Drive Boat Lift comes with a C-Face 1 1/2 HP Stainless Wire Boat Lift Motor and A-Drive 40:90 Double Worm Reduction Gearbox. The gearbox housing is made of solid aluminum with a marine grade finish. It has a straight-line capacity of 7,000 pounds. Gear ratio: 450:1. The factory is lubricated with a special blend of gear oil. Seals can be replaced. Gears do not freewheel. We have cooperated with one of the largest cam reducer manufacturers in the world. Easy installation with optional jack stands The motor is equipped with a built-in GFCI, wired for 110v or 220v and a 16-foot control cable.

This reducer uses a twin worm gear reducer. A-Drive 7,000 lb. boat jacks are equipped with this transmission. A marine grade finish is applied to the solid aluminum construction. The transmission uses bronze-on-steel gears, which have a ratio of 450:1. Cast aluminum is used for engine flanges and drive pipes. When reducing the double cam, stainless steel fasteners are used. To install a drive tube in a reducer, a solid drive shaft is required. They are not included with this gearbox. When the appropriate mounting plate is used, this gearbox can be used in both surface and stack mounted boats. Hardened output drive shafts are required to attach a direct drive ship’s hoist to the ship’s lift tube.

Electric Hoist Single Phase Hoist Wiring Diagram

The C-Face Elite 1 1/2 HP Stainless Electric Motors are single phase dual voltage motors. Comes factory wired for 220V, but a licensed electrician can change the wiring to make it a 110V electric motor. Made of stainless steel. The NEMA 56 shaft is 0.625 inches thick and protrudes 1.88 inches from the motor housing. UL Recognized (C-UL-US). It uses a capacitor for starting.

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TENV house (totally enclosed, non-ventilated). The TENV housing prevents dirt, insects and water from entering the vehicle. 15 minutes maximum time. Includes 1″ long x 1/4″ wide wrench, colored T-wires, easy-to-follow wiring instructions, hardware guide, and wiring instructions. The motor wiring harness is installed directly on the electric motor. Depending on your preference, you can choose a latching (locked) or momentary (spring loaded) type of drum switch. A built-in GFCI has a built-in test and reset button.

Specially blended oil is permanently lubricated in the fully enclosed gearbox from the factory. Guaranteed not to leak.

A face C input electric motor is used in enclosed boat hoists that do not have a belt drive, enclosed speed reduction gearboxes or cam speed reduction gearboxes. C-front electric motors are compatible with A-Drive, Enclosed Drive, AMS E-Drive, AMS Series and Golden C Drive. The electric motors are compatible with enclosed boat hoists that have a standard C56 flange.

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