Electric Heat Strip Wiring Diagram

Electric Heat Strip Wiring Diagram – Need to add a heater to your Trane RunTru air handling unit? This 5kW electric heater kit for the Trane RunTru air handling unit makes it easy to add an additional heater to your HVAC system and ensure the heater is compatible with your system.

This electric heating kit is a furnace heating coil that pairs with your air handling unit to provide extra heat and keep your system more comfortable. With this option you do not need an additional circuit.

Electric Heat Strip Wiring Diagram

This special 5kW electric heater kit for the Trane RunTru Air Handler is rated at 5kW and has an output of 16,400 BTU at 240 volts. Compatible with Trane RunTru air handling units, this heater can be an efficient addition to your home’s heat pump or air conditioning system.

Carrier Kfceh2901n09 9kw Electric Heater Assembly

This 5kV electric heater kit for the Trane RunTru air handling unit includes a circuit breaker and the control and electrical wires use a single polarized plug to connect the heater and air handling unit. This electric heater kit is designed to work with Trane RunTru air handling units and can be used in a variety of configurations.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s consumer brochure and/or product warranty documentation for a full description of any warranties applicable to this product, as well as individual manufacturer requirements. Online warranty registration must expire within 60 days of installation. According to state law, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Ask for a dented, scratched and excess item guarantee.

Installation of a product must comply with all applicable codes and ordinances. The installation process may require the services of a certified and trained electrician.

Best Answer: Thank you for your inquiry regarding HA21436 BAYHTR1505BRKC 5kV Electric Heater Set – Circuit Breaker for Trane RunTru Air Handler. Unfortunately, we do not have the BAYHTR1405 heater in our inventory. However, at Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment we are happy to offer alternative solutions to meet your needs.

Goodman Gph1424h41 2 Ton, 14 Seer Self Contained Packaged Heat Pump, Dedicated Horizontal

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales and technical team at 270-575-9595; Our team have extensive knowledge of the HVAC wholesale and heating and cooling markets and are happy to provide expert advice to ensure your next home project is completed to the highest standard. We look forward to helping you with your request.

This product has been temporarily added to your shopping cart. Would you like to keep this item in your shopping cart? In the Wiring and Installation of Electric Water Heaters and Thermostats series, we will show you how to wire and install a two-element water heater and thermostat for 120V without simultaneous (continuous) connection. AC single phase (US) and 230VAC single phase (EU/UK).

Continuous or non-simultaneous heating elements are interdependent, meaning that both elements are not “ON” at the same time. In other words, the top heating element turns on and heats the top of the water tank first. When cold water enters the tank, the top or bottom element lights up. This is an automatic process due to the wiring of the thermostat, where the lower thermostat and element are controlled by the upper thermostat which automatically turns on the lower element when required.

Thus, both elements cannot work at the same time. Simply put, either the top or bottom heating element is “ON” or both are “OFF”. Note that the same thermostats can be wired for simultaneous or continuous operation, with both elements operating at the same time when more hot water is required. Don’t worry, we will cover such operations in our next posts.

Line Voltage Thermostats For Electric Heating & Cooling

Non-simultaneous water heater thermostat wiring connects Live or Hot “L” to the left terminal of the top thermostat and Neutral “N” to the right terminal L3. Two wires run from L4 as a neutral to the top and bottom heaters. The top heater is connected across T2 and L4.

The lower thermostat is connected across T4 of the upper thermostat, which is wired to terminal “1” of the lower thermostat. The second terminal “2” is connected to the lower heating element.

Because there are two heating elements of approximately 1900W each, the total output of this heater is 3800 watts. We use the breaker and switch sizes for half the total power rating, which is 1900 watts, since only one element is operating at a time.

Now if it’s 120VAC, a 20A breaker and a throwaway breaker will fit on two 12 gauge wires. How one? Consider the following.

Alpine Ahkp 10c 10 Kilowatt Heater Coil (34,100 Btus Of Heat)

In other words, the safe limit of the circuit breaker is 80% (0.8), so 20A x 0.8 = 16 amps, which is safe for the load current.

Therefore, a 20A circuit breaker is suitable for overcurrent protection for a 120VAC two-element instantaneous water heater circuit.

The wiring diagram below shows the same connection as above regardless of NEC and IEC circuit breaker and switch size. Wiring and operation as above for 120V configuration.

In this case, the upper power element enters through L1 and L3 (upper thermostat). When the temperature at the top of the water tank rises to the desired level (estimated at 150° to 180°F), the bimetallic strip on the top thermostat releases, disconnecting T2 from T1 and connecting T1 to terminal T4. . This turns off the top element and continues power to the bottom element through L4 and T4.

Wiring A Replacement Hvac Blower Motor For An American Standard Heat Pump Air Handler

This process is shown in the figure below. Fig (a) shows the operation of the upper element and Fig (b) shows the operation of the lower thermostat and element when active.

Note: In the diagram above, red represents the line or phase wire and black represents the neutral wire. You can color code your area wires ie. You can follow IEC or NEC.

120V AC 230V AC Dual Element Water Heater Electric Water Heater Wiring Wiring Installation IEC NEC Instantaneous Water Heater Non Simultaneous Water Heater Thermostatic Water Heater

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