Electric Bike Wiring Diagram

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Old wiring is completely corroded, broken wires and poor continuity can give you all sorts of electrical headaches.

Electric Bike Wiring Diagram

While you can often find used OEM replacement cables or aftermarket kits, they can be expensive.

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If you want to wire the bike yourself, it’s not too difficult. Here are the basic steps for wiring a motorcycle:

Use these free wiring diagrams to build your own motorcycle wiring harness from scratch.

If the wiring harness that came with your motorcycle falls into the trash or becomes rat food while riding, you may decide to wire the motorcycle yourself.

If you’re just looking for the basics to get your bike running and road legal, you can make your own simple wiring harness to make sure your bike has no electrical issues once it’s up and running.

Wiring Diagram Updated

If you want to reuse some parts on your motorcycle, refer to the manufacturer’s wiring diagram and mark the wires on top with the correct color.

Use plasticized copper wire. These are often available in a variety of colors to help you personalize your outfit.

After you have soldered the wire to the wire and paper, you can start wiring your motorcycle.

For starters, it helps if you already have the electronics you need. That way, you’ll know exactly which wires to count for your custom setup.

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Prepare your parts and materials and start by sketching out what your wiring system will look like.

Start by drawing all the major components, such as the battery, switch, lights, and ignition system, and trace the wiring through each system.

Once you’ve traced the basic connections for each component, you can code it to make it easier for you, depending on what color wire you bought and what color wires are from your kit. It’s easier to correct mistakes or spot problems on paper than to start cutting and crimping wires.

Again, before you start cutting wires, it’s a good idea to lay out each component on the motorcycle and know where to route each wire and how long it will take. Once the wires are roughly aligned, turn the handle to see the border. Decide where to route the front and rear links and start to get a feel for what wire you can run with. Double gauge is perfect for motorcycle wiring!

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If you want to add an indicator light or dimmer light to your gauge, you can follow the same logic as the critical components above. Powering the components and grounding from the keyed power cord as required.

If you are only running the starter, you can ignore the part about the starter solenoid and the starter motor.

If you are riding a motorcycle without a battery, you will need to run an ignition wire from the governor/regulator or capacitor location to the 30 amp fuse. You can also run another small amp from the ignition switch to your lights.

Make sure each new connector is properly crimped and sealed with shrink wrap/connector wrap until all hardware is wrapped. You can use heat shrink to keep the wires neat and aligned with the connector. Keep your wires and harness away from the engine so it doesn’t melt.

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Double check that nothing in your equipment is pinched – seat post, fuel tank, handlebars, etc. You can turn on the lights, signals, etc. when you turn the handlebars, raise the seat, and roll the bike. Make sure nothing is interrupted. Make sure the wires are not too tight when passing the probe.

You don’t want messy wires hanging all over the place. It looks bad and can cause electrical problems if the wires are damaged or disconnected.

Accurate measurements are important here. You will need to check that your controls and components are in place, make sure the wires are the correct length and drill the rod in the right place.

When wiring from the handlebar to the internals, you must avoid soldering the joint, to avoid losing the shaft joint. That’s why I modify my electric motorcycle, when I press the brake on my stock handlebars, the tail light comes on. Can this simple opportunity be achieved using one of the KT 9 controllers from PSWPower? If possible, discharge the battery voltage.

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There’s a little more. With the KT controller, the power supply is SMALL and can easily be overcome by using the “up” arrow to turn the light on and off. Guys often smoke and try to turn on the headlight which consumes more energy than it can deliver. Although the controller still works, the ability to power the light is lost and cannot be restored. If lower power is available, transmission lines capable of handling higher power should be used.

Turning on the brake light should be relatively easy using the brake switch on the brake handle – assuming the motorcycle shuts off the engine when braking?

So can I parallelize the light cutting circuit? Run the negative side by cutting the KT regulator and connecting the positive to the battery?

Sorry, I’m in the same boat, I think this should be easy, but I don’t want to fry the controller, how do I turn on the brake light with the brake light when connected to the controller cutout? Sorry, I don’t make sense. It’s been a few days already.

How Does This Wiring Diagram Look? I’m Converting A Vintage Honda Motorcycle. Thanks!

I can’t help but find that none of the images offered for this search come close to what I’m looking for….

Just to be clear, I still need to disconnect the engine, the brake light should come on with the brake light on, any way to do it without disconnecting….

Also, if I hadn’t used Google first, I wouldn’t be posting here. I wonder how I got here in the first place.

The KT regulator has 40v- on the lower side of the brake and 47v- on the other side. I checked the wire on the harness (47v+ output when the regulator is on) and noticed that the light stays on whether the brake is on or off.

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It’s worth noting that Langfeite’s SL is about 5V when not installed and not turning off the lights.

I’ve been sitting here trying for years. KT controller SL is 40v-, GND is 48v- so the brake light is on regardless.

A simple light bulb (like a stop light) requires 2 wires for power. Positive and negative. You can install a switch on the positive or negative lead to turn the bulb on and off. With that in mind, if you connect the positive wire of either voltage to the light and then use the brake switch to provide a ground, you will need to change…

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The extra wiring causing your brake lights should not affect the switch’s ability to shut down the engine.

This method works with the cord because it only has 5v- on one side and 48v- on the other side, and shorting them will activate the brake and increase the voltage. Because the KT controller has more than 40V on both sides, it doesn’t work the same way…

I’ve never tried to install a brake light with a KT controller so all I can do is dismiss that idea. I know they have low brakes and high sides. Are they both configured the same way?

This is for an example build, so I don’t have to apply the brakes except to apply the brakes, it will never be used, and all the rod clearance is removed. I can’t control the bottom side too much because it’s not connected to this controller and I don’t know which pin it is on the board.

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High Brake Refer to Low Brake Regulator Wiring Diagram. There are usually 2 different types of pigs coming from the controller.

As for the next brake light, push around. I do not speak

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