Electric Baseboard Heater Wiring Diagram

Electric Baseboard Heater Wiring Diagram – Learn how to run a different electrical circuit for your heater, wiring, and how to size an electric heater for room heat.

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Electric Baseboard Heater Wiring Diagram

Introduction An electric heater with a thermostat can be a good choice for heating a cold room. We’ll show you strategies for adding an electric wall heater wherever you need it.

Running Two Electric Baseboard Heaters In Series, On Right Side Have Two Sets Of Wires Coming Out The Wall

Do you have an unheated room or two in your home in cold weather? If you can’t afford a central heating system to heat the room, consider adding an electric heater. You can install electric heaters on the walls, on the floor (between the connectors) or along the baseboards. Installing a heater doesn’t have to be dangerous.

Although electric heat is more expensive than gas, the heater and installation materials are more expensive. Note that this is supplemental heat, not the main source. We recommend setting the heater to a separate thermostat that automatically turns it on when you are home and use the room.

In this article, we will show you how to install a wall heater, which means that you have to make a separate circuit on the main panel. This is safer than using a portable plug-in heater, which can overload an existing circuit. We’ll show you how to increase the size of the heater, run a new, safe 240-volt circuit, and install a programmable thermostat. We do not show how to connect the circuit to the main electrical panel. Hire a licensed electrician for this step.

Most homes have enough capacity for a new circuit in the service panel for an electric heater with a thermostat. If you have extinguishers, you will need two empty extinguishers. A safe box can be more difficult to read. Have your hired electrician inspect your panel and confirm the planned connections before starting the project. Contact your local electrical permit office so an inspector can inspect your work.

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Electric heaters are rated for water. See “Setting up your device” below to determine which one is right for your area. For heaters up to 2880 watts, run the cable with two 14-gauge wires and one ground wire (called 14-2 and ground); Run 12-2 cable and ground to handle up to 3840 watts.

Locate the heater and thermostat on the wall. Like a coat hanger, push about 12 inches of wire through the ceiling above the heater and thermostat areas.

Push the insulation aside to expose the wire for hanging the jacket and upper walls. Drill 3/4 in. hole between the top plates in the heater and thermostat areas.

Locate the wall studs with a metal locator and cut a hole the size of the heater core. Glue and screw 12. 2×4 to the opening side of the block.

Immersion Heaters Flanged Industrial

Note: First cut a small hole in the dryer and check the electrical wiring until you see the large hole.

Tape the end of the cable to 8 feet. heavy rope Drop the entire rope through the hole, then push through about 7 feet of cable. Pull the rope and cable from the bottom, leaving about 2 feet of cable hanging through the cut hole.

Every heater installation is unique, so plan your new layout first. Use an open area like an unfinished attic or basement to run the cable, then run it through the wall.

First, find a space on the interior wall to mount the heater. Locate the rods so that there is enough space between them. Keep plumbing fixtures away from heat sinks and walls to block ducts and pipes. The heater requires 4 deep. Therefore, the area of ​​the wall should be at least 2×4. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and check for clearance around the heater. Do not place draperies under or over curtains or other flammable fabrics. Make sure nothing flammable is sitting within 3 feet of the heater.

Save These Instructions

Place the thermostat away from hot air. A foot above the existing light fixture is a good option. Keep the wall above the heater and away from exterior walls.

Some roofs with vermiculite insulation, a pea-sized, fine, gray mineral, may contain asbestos. Asbestos is a health hazard. Do not dispose of vermiculite unless testing shows it is asbestos-free. Contact your local health department for the name of the testing laboratory.

For easy pulling, tie a heavy nut to one end of the rope and wrap the rope around the cable, tightening the strap at the end of the cable.

Remove one driver from the top of the radiator and install 1/2. cable cord. Strip 12 inches from the cable. Push it through the clamp into the heatsink housing, 1/4 inch to 1 inch until the coolant is distributed inside the box. Push the bowl and cable back into position and fasten the bowl to the frame with four screws. screws.

Wiring New Baseboard

Strip 5/8 inch of insulation from the end of each wire, then connect the white and stranded wires to the black heater wires using wire connectors. Connect the ground wire of the cable to the ground wire of the green heater. Push the heater into the jar and seal. Install the door brake.

Drill a small hole about 3 inches from the wall from the ceiling to the heater and thermostat areas. Push a 12-inch coat hanger or other sturdy wire through the dryer and into the ceiling.

Then, go to the ceiling and use the top plates of the bathroom walls with wire. Push the insulation a little further, giving plenty of room to work. 3/4-Drilling. holes through the slab and then drop a heavy rope through the hole to ensure there are no obstructions in the wall.

Return to the roof and attach a heavy rope to the end of the heater cable. You may need to pull the line tight when fishing, so be sure to tie the line and cable securely. Drop the cord through the hole in the top plate and run the cable through the hole. It’s easier to be a helper when you pull the rope and push the cable down. Otherwise, you may have to climb up and down the tent several times.

How To Wire A Line Voltage Thermostat For A Heater

When fishing indoors you don’t need to connect the cable to the side of the wires, but you do need to connect the cable to the channel. Make sure the cable is secure and cannot come out.

Connect the circuit wires to the heater wires. Since this is a 240 volt circuit, the black and white wires are the hot leads. Wrap the black wire with black wire to make it appear as the hot wire. Check the package labeling to verify the correct wire connectors for the number and size of wires you are connecting.

Cut a hole for the repair switch. Go back to the roof and tape the heater cable to the cable going to the main panel (labeled “line”). Drive about 5 feet in 3/4. a hole drilled through the top plate. Go back to the room below, go through the switch box hole and pull out about 2 feet of cable.

A “fix” switch box is ideal for a wall heater thermostat. Push the cut cables through the lower cable clamps to fit the box exactly, then pull the box against the wall. Turn the two support screws until the brackets are against the dryer.

Install 2 Wire Thermostat In 4 Wire Box

Connect the two cable wires from the main panel to the wall heater’s “line” wires (they will be marked). Next, connect the two wires from the heater to the “load” wires on the thermostat. Next, connect the two bare ground wires. Screw the wires into the box, slide the thermostat and secure with the two mounting screws.

Use a hammer to hammer a horizontal slot into the dryer on top of the service panel to secure the cord. Mark a straight line centered on each stud and cut into the dryer with a utility knife. It will take a few cuts to complete. Mark the wall/ceiling joint and remove the dryer.

Drill a hole in the ceiling to expose the top plate and power cables. Pull the cable from the thermostat through the hole and hang it on the floor. At this point, hire an electrician to wire the service panel.

After the HOOKUP, make a cover from 3/4. plywood and screw it over the opening for easy future access.

Help Wiring Honeywell Thermostat For Electric Heat

Next, run the cable from the ceiling above the service panel to the ceiling above the shower. Leave at least 10 feet of extra cable

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