Cycle Electric Generator Wiring Diagram

Cycle Electric Generator Wiring Diagram – Was looking for wiring info tonight and stumbled upon this: Simple Wiring Diagrams. Why is it easier to understand cartoons than to understand actual diagrams . . .

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Cycle Electric Generator Wiring Diagram

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Using A Goal Zero, Jackery, Bluetti, Or Renogy Generator For Your Van Build — Dwnshifters Vanlife

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We used a Goal Zero Yeti 6000x for our build. This is an upgrade from our original powerhouse that includes the GZ Yeti 3000 and Yeti 1400. If you want to know more about our experience with Goal Zero, please read our article or watch our video. The 556AH has a number of 12v DC outputs with different connectors ranging from 120w to 360w. The 120v AC inverter has two outlets rated at 2000w (total) with a 3600w surge protector. We used both the 12v and 120v outputs to hook up. our van

All of our 12v equipment on board (pumps, blowers, Bathroom exhaust fans, Wifi routers, refrigerators and diesel heaters) are connected to our fuse pack. Each 12v device is connected to a positive and negative terminal. Then add a fuse corresponding to the product type to the circuit in the fuse box. The positive and negative wires are then attached to the APP connector that fits into the Yeti 12v HPP 360w port.

It’s important to add up the wattage of all your devices connected to the fuse box to make sure you don’t go over 360 watts – if all devices are working at the same time. If you expect this to happen, You should run either of the larger power supplies at the 12v 6mm port (120w) or the 12v Car Port (160w) independently to avoid blowing the Yeti’s internal fuse.

Another thing to consider is whether the 12v output in your system is regulated or not. This is a device that keeps the output of your electrical system close to 12v at all times, which is required by some devices, such as many RV refrigerators. The Goal Zero X Series has a built-in controller. But the previous system didn’t have it. This is a 12v regulator for the previous GZ. This regulator cable will work to control any 12v system.

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Our water heater and wall outlet had to be plugged into the two 120v 2000w outlets on the front of the 6000x. Our water heater plugged directly into one of the two Yeti outlets. The other plug is used to connect the power strip to each switch. This power strip has overload protection for each plug. So you can turn off unused plugs. We also like that the power strip has surge protection. which protects your device from damage.

On the power strip, we took the plug for our weBoost cell extender and wired it to an outlet from an additional opening. Using Residential Wire, we connected a three-wire grounded plug to one end. Then run the receptacle wire through the receptacle box to the other end. We repeat this for each store in the build. Our power sockets are used for different things. from laptops, chargers and kitchen appliances. Basically, it’s all the stuff you usually have in your house.

Our 6000x has multiple USB ports, but since the drive is not easily accessible on our model. That’s why we bought a receptacle with built-in USB-A and USB-c ports for convenience. There is a small loss to the USB port in the outlet, because converting 120v power to USB voltage is not 100% effective, in other words. Charging your USB devices directly from the power station will save you a few bucks. But save a little energy.

So far we have discussed how to tap and distribute the energy stored in our electrical system. But how to fill it? There are many ways, but in general We cool our 6000x through six 100w solar panels on our roof. We also recently purchased an additional 120w Solar Suitcase so we can park in the shade on hot days. Or install additional panels when cloudy to increase input. The HPP (High Power Port) input on the Yeti 6000x is rated at 600w with a maximum voltage of 50v and 50a.

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The 50v and 50a ratings are important because they define how our panels are wired. We will be connecting six 100w panels to this port. We wire our panels in parallel as this method adds amps together. But the voltage remains the same. Our panel is listed at ~18v and 6a.

Our 120v solar box is also wired to the Yeti HPP input via MC4 Y Branch, because 600w solar will not give you a 600w load.

Another thing to note about solar charging, the Goal Zero has an expansion module and MPPT controller on board. Depending on the model of power plant you use, an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller makes solar charging up to 15% more efficient – according to GZ, we recommend including it in your system.

Is it sunny everywhere we go? No, it’s not, which means we need another way to charge our energy systems. In case of bad weather or we are in a valley or in a forest. We will use an alternator to charge our batteries. A car’s alternator is meant to charge the car’s battery after starting and operating all electrical components – lights, radio, and other functions. This alternator works best when the engine revs and recharges at a slower rate when the engine is idling. If you touch an alternator for a portable power system The load is inconsistent. sometimes charging at hundreds of volts (going downhill to crank the engine) and sometimes charging as low as 40 volts (going downhill with the engine idling).

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We guarantee that when your battery is low. You will be happy to recharge your battery regardless of voltage. We customized the heavy duty alternator when we ordered the van from the Ford factory. But you can replace your existing alternator with a heavy duty one. Some builders have installed two AC generators so that one is for “home” battery charging while the other is for charging cars.

We use a Goal Zero linkage system and EC8 to Ring Terminal Cable to connect the alternator to our Yeti. Make sure to check this out.

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