Columbus Electric Thermostat Wiring Diagram

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Electric Thermostat Heating and Cooling Line Voltage Install, troubleshoot, repair or replace a used 120V or 240V thermostat

Columbus Electric Thermostat Wiring Diagram

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Main Components Of A Home Heating System

Guide on line voltage thermostat 120V or 240V room thermostat for electric heat, fan heater, radiant heat, convector heater.

This article describes the types of line or floor voltage wall thermostats used to control heating or heating and cooling equipment where switching from 120V or 240V equipment is required.

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In this article, we provide examples of wiring instructions for 120VAC and 230/240VAC electric heater thermostats, including both wall models and “built-in” electric heater thermostats mounted at each end of the electric heater itself.

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We list types and models of electric heat thermostats including programmable and non-programmable models. To help you find a replacement thermostat for your original model, we’ve included the manufacturer’s electric thermostat cross reference sheet.

Shown here: a drawing of an old classic wall mounted Honeywell thermostat that controls the electric base heat. Here you will find:

I want to replace this thermostat with a programmable one. Now there is a 120 volt line of two wires (black and white);

Turn off the heater’s electrical source before attempting installation, maintenance or repair. Close, tape or tag the circuit breaker or fuse so that the power cannot be turned on by accident. Doing so may result in severe electric shock, burns or death.

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The Honeywell T451A room thermostat (illustrated on the left) is a line voltage wall thermostat (120V), a member of the product family that includes the T651 and T694 line voltage wall thermostats.

These controllers are widely used to directly control 120-V equipment, such as valves, fans, motors, contactors and electric heat systems, as well as fan coil units in heating/cooling systems. Left illustration of Honeywell T415A and T651A in product literature. [4]

The T451 is a heat controller only – I assume yours can control electric heat. I understand why you ask for help. Honeywell’s website includes a “thermostat search” feature, but it can’t even provide a suggestion for a programmable voltage room wall thermostat. Fortunately, the news is better than that.

Line voltage thermostat controls electricity directly, thus the name “line voltage”. If you have a baseboard heater, an electric wall heater, or an electric resistance heater, you may need a line voltage thermostat. These thermostats are usually designed for 2-wire (SPST) or 4-wire (DPST – most common). …

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These must not be used with gas heating systems (gas heaters are usually single phase systems). Most line voltage systems are mechanical rather than digital programmable, and are almost always either 2 or 4 wire…. [however, there are actually some programmable voltage thermostats available as listed below]

The new Honeywell replacement for the T451 includes the Honeywell TH114 which is also unprogrammed and NOT what you want.

Caution: disconnect all electrical power before making any electrical connections, testing, or even touching the wiring on the line voltage thermostat system.

While some old timers understand the wiring does not accommodate the thermostat wires, this is conceivable only for low voltage thermostat systems.

Thermostat, Internal Bias Wp8577274

Before attempting to install your heater, check that the electrical wiring is the same voltage as the heater you are installing. The best way to check the proper voltage is to use a voltmeter, test between supply lines 1 and 2. 240 and 120 Volt heaters are not interchangeable.

Connecting a 120 Volt heater to a 240 Volt circuit will destroy the heater, cause fire damage, personal injury or death, and will void all warranties.

Caution: be sure to check the total wattage of the heating equipment you will switch against the programmable (or non-programmable) capacity limits of the line voltage wall thermostat you plan to purchase and install. For example, the Lux PLSPLV512 that we recommend above is rated to control 1900 to 3800 watts.

See this 1949 Honeywell controller manual [PDF] for an explanation of the older line voltage (120-Volt) and 24-Volt thermostats and other controllers such as the T40 series 4-wire 120V T44 Thermostat.

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The installation manual for your particular line voltage room thermostat will include connections for additional wires that may be required when the thermostat is used in more complex installations, such as connections to a winter-summer changeover switch, connections to control a separate fan motor, etc. – Op. Cit.

Honeywell T451A, T651A, T694A, B, D, F Light Line Voltage Thermostat Wiring Instructions Question: I want to replace a Honeywell T651-A2028 thermostat that controls heating and cooling.

I have a Honeywell T651-A2028 and want to replace it. I think it has a unique wiring setup that I can’t figure out.

There are 3 wires connected to it, 1 has 120v (COM) and the others have no voltage (CHES & COOL).

Tpi / Columbus Electric Sdhw1001 Installation Manual

My apartment complex has many radiators that have a constant supply of hot water in the winter and cold water in the summer. The thermostat only controls the power of the fan on each radiator.

When the apartment complex changes from hot to cold or vice versa, they somehow change the wiring so that the thermostat can cool or heat accordingly. What are my replacement options?

At the top of this page, you will see a very simple line voltage thermostat wiring diagram [image file] that will match your thermostat exactly.

To replace an old Honeywell T652-A2028 line voltage thermostat, the company sells a line of replacement “light duty” line voltage thermostats that can match the features and wiring of your original unit.

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You will see that if you choose a thermostat that supports both heating and cooling modes, the voltage line replacement statistics have the identical terminals as shown in your picture of the Honeywell T651-A2028 – that is COM (common), HEAT, and COOL.

From your description, replace a fan coil unit heating/cooling thermostat. All your thermostat does is turn the fan motor on and off in response to a call for heat (in HEAT mode) or a call for cooling (in COOL mode).

I suspect from your note that the model you want is the Honeywell T651A3018 as this thermostat is listed as replacing the Honeywell T451A1264 T451B1008 T451B1024 T451B1032 T451B1057 T451B10615151515151515151515151514

See HONEYWELL LINE VOLTAGE THERMOSTAT (LIGHT DUTY) SELECTION AND ELECTRICAL WIRING GUIDE [PDF] (detailed below) for wiring instructions for current or replacement line voltage thermostats, including T451A, T651A, T694A, B , D, F Line Voltage light. . Thermostat. The company explains this

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The T451, T651, T694 thermostats provide on-off control of valves, fans, motors, contactors, electric heating elements, furnace ducts and fan coil units in heating/cooling systems. On-base switches provide manual heating, cooling and fan control.

The table above on this page under LINE VOLTAGE THERMOSTATS for HEAT + COOL is a line voltage thermostat selection guide from the Honeywell document.

In essence, the thermostat turns on a heating or cooling circuit depending on the ambient temperature and the settings of the mode switch in front of the thermostat (COOL COOL)

Below is just an example of a wiring diagram of various data in the selection and wiring guide that I mentioned. Your wiring situation is simpler.

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Please note: your thermostat model and wiring requirements may differ; Be sure to read the wiring instructions for your heating and cooling equipment and from the thermostat manufacturer.

Even if you’re not trained in safe, code-compliant wiring, don’t try to do any electrical work—hire a professional instead; Making a mistake can cause fire, injury, or worse.

Attached to the thermostat are two black wires and two red wires…however, coming out of my wall from my old thermostat are green, blue, white and red wires.

If you’ve lost the wiring instructions for the thermostat you’re hooking up, let me know and we’ll help you find that information.

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I have the instruction manual, but I don’t see how to connect the two black wires and the two red wires on the back of the thermostat to the green, blue, white and red wires coming from the wall.

I’ve attached an image from Honeywell’s Line Volt Pro 8000 instructions (source cited below) – but I don’t know if this is the exact model of thermostat you purchased.

Attention: Your reference to color codes worries me that you are trying to install a line voltage thermostat (120V or 240V AC) intended to control an electric baseboard heater where you already have a low voltage 24V wall thermostat that is turned on a heating boiler. or furnace on and on,

BECAUSE the thermostat you describe is used to hook up electric baseboard heaters NOT to turn on an oven or pan.

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The Honeywell instructions identify four wires, 2 black (connect to the LINE terminal of the electric base heater – incoming power) and 2 white wires (connect to the LOAD terminal of the electric base heater).

Honeywell said

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