Assa Abloy Electric Strike Wiring Diagram

Assa Abloy Electric Strike Wiring Diagram – Product Description and Features: 7400, 7401 electric strikes with 4-7/8 face plate are designed for Adams Wright deadlatch or cylindrical locks with 5/8 latchbolt projection. For use with aluminum frames.

Function: Electric remote control for any door equipped with an Adams Wright 4500, 4700, or 4900 series (or equivalent) detlatch or cylindrical (key-in-knob/lever) type lock with 5/8 latchbolt projection. Electrical activation opens the strike jaws, releasing the bolt so the door can be opened without activation. The very compact design fits aluminum jamb (or door jamb) sections such as 1-1/16. Automatic upgrade of Adams Wright 7100 Electric Strikes.

Assa Abloy Electric Strike Wiring Diagram

• This manual strike arm features a very compact design and non-adjustable steel jaws with a capacity of over 2400 lbs. Keep the ball in a safe position. Strike releases up to 35 pounds of electricity. Pressure exerted on the doors by pre-loading the doors (air conditioning system, deformation or faulty equipment that can stop normal lightning). A single solenoid operates on 12, 16, or 24 volt AC/DC power. Attacks are equipped with a quick plug-in type connector.

Adams Rite Ultraline Electric Strike For Radius Jambs In Bright Stainless

Hammer Lip: The basic power strike 7400 has a proper length lip with a 1-3/4″ thick door that closes cleanly on the jamb edge. Where door thickness or lung size differs from this configuration, lip expansion kits are available. (Not available for 7401.)

Dial opening: 5/8 adjustable x 1-7/16 x deep. Bolt retainer when stainless steel. Strike accepts Adams Wright 4500, 4700, or 4900 reduction or cylindrical attachments.

Faceplate: Dimensions: 1-1/4 x 4-7/8. The 7400 has flat beds; The 7401 aluminum frame is a radio compatible passive leaf nose double glass door. Available in a variety of different constructions.

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