48v Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

48v Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram – Hello how are you? Can you show me the wiring diagram of the 48V brake light. I need to describe this voltage: 48V Function: LED tail light with reflector Connection: Yellow: Tail light Positive Green: Tail light Negative Red: Stop light Positive Blue: Stop light Negative This is the system I use 1 of: 48 volts 150 amps power contactor (RLY-48150) 1 of: 48 volt 2000 watt electric scooter speed controller (SPD-482000A) 48 volt throttle with key, has a k at the end. How do I connect the brake light to this system? Thank you for your help

Here is the basic wiring diagram. There should be a fuse between the switches and the battery, which is not shown in the picture for simplicity.

48v Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

Ok, I think I got it. I’ll turn it on and see. I have one more question. Just finished hooking up the 48v system controller, contactor battery, choke. The point is that the power contactor heats up, this is normal. I touch it and think I can handle it, but I don’t know if it will get hotter. Turn it off because I don’t want it to get damaged. It cools down when I turn off the power

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The power contactor is hot to the touch so don’t worry. It’s designed for continuous operation, so you can leave it on as long as you like without it overheating.

Hang on the stop light is still wired like that even when i go to connect it to the controller motor i cut the wire??

A 48v relay like item # RLY-4860 will be needed to connect the brake switch to the actuator motor switch and brake light wires.

So are you saying on the diagram that both wires coming out of the brake lever are positive or are you talking about the red wire?

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I’m a bit confused because the brake lever I’m trying to use is the original ecosmart brake lever

Both brake switch wires will have whatever polarity is chosen to connect to the brake switch. In the latest circuit diagram, the positive current is connected to the brake switch.

If the brake switch has two wires of different colors, for example red and black, then it does not matter which color wire goes to the battery or to the lamp and relay.

Ok, I was thinking of adding a potentiometer to add cruise control. How do I connect it to the system???

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Both brake switch wires should have positive current when the brake switch was in the closed position. 4.8 5 stars 83% 4 stars 17% 3 stars 0% 2 stars 0% 1 star 0% See all customer ratings 29 reviews

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The speed controller allows you to easily control the speed, and the package also includes two wrenches, one set of screws and two throttle grips (one with a power indicator).

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I mounted the motor and controller on a tricycle. When I try to make the last connection, the number one power wire from the controller to the positive battery charge, I get a big flash/bang and won’t complete the connection. It looks like a direct short, what does it do? Note: I have not connected the three stage throttle from the handlebars to the controller yet, the cables are too short, more work is needed here.

The positive and negative poles of the battery connection management power interface are not interchangeable. If the positive and negative poles of the wire are correct and normal, there will be a slight spark, which is a normal phenomenon when turned on.

What size lithium ion battery should I use for this 48v 2000w motor? What is the minimum and maximum size I can use?

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I have two of these kits and apart from the cog that you connect the other end of the chain to, all you need is a battery and a little imagination. I received everything they said and in excellent condition, I’m really surprised at what you get for the money!

No complaints. Put it on my sx500 shaver with a 48V 20Ah lithium bank and it will pick up 25 mph.

Easy to order, fast delivery, looks good. I’ll have to update this review once it’s installed and tested.

This kit is very easy to use. The only thing is that some of the labels on the plugs are in Chinese, but if you follow the wiring diagram, it’s easy to understand. Oh, and if you get this kit, make sure you have a 72v battery with at least 45ah continuous life, not peak. It will cost you, but you’ll be glad you spent the money on this battery, trust me.

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Put this kit on my ecosmart scooter. I made a 48v 20ah lithium battery for it. I get a top speed of about 33 mph and a range of 40 miles (range will depend on your battery). I drove it several hundred kilometers without any problems. I had to use an old sprocket from my old engine that came with the kit, it was for a different chain size. I also ordered a new sprocket with a few more teeth in the hopes of a higher top speed, but it didn’t really make a difference at all. it was actually a bit slower. The gas is very sensitive when starting, you get used to it, but I would prefer something smoother. I think a different throttle can solve this because those speeds are so close together that it’s like full throttle on takeoff, but if you turn the throttle very very slowly and you’re on a smooth surface, you can take off slowly. so i think it has more to do with the throttle than anything else. I didn’t try to change it as I’m used to it now and it’s not too bad. all in an excellent set and at a good price. the big cost is the battery. for me it was worth it because it made this scooter a lot more fun to ride and the range is 3x stock and climbs hills effortlessly.

Affordable razor kit. I have 30 mph in stock gear. It spins easily because the throttle is a bit sticky. Operation 48v 20ah lipo

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I bought these kits for some mx shavers, they work great. Very little needs to be done to install them. Very fast compared to stock

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I got the inch choke to turn on and off with the voltage showing successfully. But I get no throttle response so the engine won’t rev.

Electric Scooter Controller Wiring Help

The “3 Speed ​​Gears” or “Shift 3 Speed ​​Gears” wires on the controller are not connected. There is nowhere to connect it since the thumb throttle only has 5 wires (3 wires: black, red, green. 1 wire for electric lock line, 1 wire for battery +). That’s why I can’t tell the controller to spin the wheel?

I don’t think it has anything to do with the wattage/power output of the controller preventing it from powering the wheel as I have tried another lower wattage controller (60v 45 amps) with the same result. The only one that works is my original voltage regulator and throttle display that came with my scooter. What am I doing wrong here…any ideas?

Did you know that the driver and hall sensor phase wires must be correctly matched (in the correct order) to the motor wires for this to work?

It should be noted that during this conversion process there is NO guarantee that the color

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