48 Volt Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

48 Volt Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram – I have an E450 scooter that I want to make more powerful. Here is my list of new parts so far: 48v 1000w motor (11 tooth rear sprocket, 3000rpm) 48v throttle 48v 12ah battery charge connector charger (not pictured) On/off switch harness (pictured) is from old E450. Here are my questions: 1. Obviously I need a controller. Please suggest one that would be compatible with my setup. 2. Can I use the old on/off switch wiring? Or would it be easier to buy a new on/off switch? 3. Can you confirm that I have connected the batteries in series correctly?

The old switch and wiring harness can be reused. Since the voltage is doubled along with the motor power, the wire gauge that the old wiring harness was made with will work with the new parts. If you are reusing the old wiring harness, you will need to rewire the key switch connectors on the new SPD-481000B controller as power is cycled on and off in the wiring harness.

48 Volt Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

On the other hand, sometimes when upgrading an electric scooter with a new motor and controller, it’s a good idea to replace the old wiring harness and start over. That way the wires are new and the connectors that connect to the batteries are new and tight to the batteries, and you can mount the power switch directly on the controller instead of in the wiring harness, reducing the load on the switch amp and allowing it to last longer. The charging connector can then be connected directly to the controller instead of via a wiring harness. However, it works either way, so old dishes can be reused or new ones made from scratch.

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I’d rather not use the old dishes, but I don’t know where to start to make a new one. Do you sell one that would be compatible with my parts and the controller you recommend?

Also, I already have a SPD481000B that I bought from you last year. But I couldn’t figure out how to connect everything, so I assumed it wasn’t compatible. One thing that confused me was that none of the connectors on the cable were identical to the controller. Can you provide detailed wiring instructions?

For example, the controller has a connector labeled a switch, I’m assuming it’s a throttle. This controller connector has only 3 wires, black red and blue. But the choke I bought from you has all 4 wires as shown in the attached picture. How to connect them together?

You also said I can wire the key switch directly to the controller. How to do this correctly with the key switch in the picture? As you can see on the back of the key switch there are two sets of connectors, a comma, and the controller has two wires going to the key switch. Where on the back of the key switch do I run the two wires coming from the controller?

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The way the SPD-481000B controller is built makes it easy to create a wiring harness, as there is no power switch or charging port attached. This would be exactly the same as the existing battery pack wiring except with longer wires and a different connector.

We are selling 48 volt battery pack wiring harness part no. HNS-134 working with SPD-481000B controller. Here is a link to it:

The power switch can be connected directly to the controller. I show you how to do this in a schematic I make after I know what kind of choke you have.

We can make all the wire harnesses you need, or you can make them yourself if you have soldering equipment or a wire crimping tool like our item #CRM-85 that was designed for our connectors. If we do all the wiring, including the battery to the controller wiring ($14.95), to the controller wiring ($4.95), and from the charging port to the controller wiring ($4.95), the cost of all these wiring would be $24.85.

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I started a schematic to install the SPD-481000B controller but couldn’t find your throttle sequence so couldn’t finish it. I also looked but couldn’t find the photo of the throttle body you attached. Could you please tell me the part number of the throttle body or attach a photo of it so I can complete the schematic?

I have soldering equipment and pressing tools. So if you could just include the necessary wiring in your schematic that would be great

Please see below posted and attached circuit diagram. Only two switch terminals should be used as shown in the wiring diagram. The diagram shows how to connect the wiring to properly connect the throttle, power button and charging connector to the controller.

Wire (12 gauge for battery harness and 20 gauge for switch and charger harnesses) and the following connectors and terminals are required to make the wiring:

Electrosachs — The Electrical System

It’s always a good idea to buy a few extra terminals in case some get damaged during installation.

Can you provide a diagram of what my wiring should look like between the battery and the controller? I know the connectors/terminals will be different, but please indicate where each end of the harness connects, similar to the picture above. Especially since I remove the key switch from the wiring harness and cable switch directly to the controller. I know there should be a backup as well, right?

The old installation should have a 40A ATO fuse that can be reused in the new one. If a fuse is missing or blown, or you want to buy replacement parts, we sell replacement ATO fuses.

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