36 Volt Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

36 Volt Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram – I modded my electric scooter and it has a tail light that comes on when I hit the brake in stock. I would like to keep this functionality using one PSWPower’s KT 9 fet controller, any chance to achieve this quite easily. ? The light is disconnected from the battery if that helps.

There’s a little more to it. With the KT controller, using the power intended for the lights and using the “up” arrow to turn them on and off, the power supply is LOW and very easy to overload. Guys blow them all the time trying to use headlights that use more power than they can produce. Although the controller still works, the lights are gone and beyond repair. What little power is available should be used to power a relay that can handle much more power.

36 Volt Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram

It should be pretty easy to turn on the brake light with the brake switch on the brake lever – assuming your scooter uses something like that to shut off the engine when braking?

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So i can put the light in parallel with the breaker circuit? put the negative side through the limiter of the KT controller and connect the plus to the battery?

Sorry, I’m in the same boat and I think this should be easy, but I don’t really want to fry the regulator, how do I turn on the brake light with the brake lever when it’s connected to the regulator stop? Sorry if I don’t understand. I’ve been here for a few days now.

I can’t help but notice that none of the images available to search come close to what I’m looking for….

Just to clarify, I still need to turn the engine off, I need the brake light to come on while applying the brakes, any way to do this pretty easily without losing the break…

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I also wouldn’t be writing here if I didn’t use Google first. How do you think I got here in the first place?

KT controllers have 40v below the brake, 47v on the other side. I pulled the wire from the display switch wire (47v+ out only when the controller is on) and tried running the negative through the e-brake on both sides to find that the light stays on regardless of brake on/off.

(The Langfeite controller uses the underside of SL and GND to activate the brakes, then VCC is applied to the SL and used to power the Tail Light.) Pulling the brake stops the SL and turns on the brake lights.

It is worth noting that the langfeitean SL is about 5V when it is not grounded and does not turn on the light.

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I’ve been sitting here trying for years to no avail. KT controllers SL is 40v and GND 48v, so the brake light is always on regardless.

A simple light bulb (such as a brake light) needs 2 wires for power. Positive and negative. You can install a switch on the positive or negative line to turn the lamp on and off. With that in mind if you connect the positive wire of either voltage to the light and then use the brake switch to feed the ground side you should be working….

The extra wire leading to the brake light should not affect the switch’s ability to turn off the engine.

This method works with langfeits because it only has 5v on one side and 48v on the other. Shorting them activates the brake and raises the voltage high enough for current to flow through the LEDs. since there is more than 40v on both sides of the KT regulator, this same method will not work…

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I’ve never tried to install a brake light with a KT controller, so I can only throw ideas around. I know they have a low brake side and a high side. Are they both set up the same but with only a small voltage difference between them?

This build is for the missus so i’d rather not hit the clutch and hit the brake, she’d never use it and the counter space is almost taken. I’m not too sure about the low side as it’s not connected to this controller and I’m not sure what pin it is on the board.

See the control wiring diagram for high vs. low brake. Usually the controller comes with 2 different hoses.

As for the aftermarket brake light switch, a little cheers. I’m not talking about a switch that has to be turned by hand every time you want the brake light to come on.

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Adding a brake light switch to a bicycle brake lever: I found an easy way to add a brake light switch to a bicycle brake lever. Specifically, this is for a mountain bike lever that pulls the brake cable, although it’s possible it could work for other levers as well. I wouldn’t try this super…

Forlix said: I modded my e-scooter and it has a tail light that comes on when I press the brake on the stock controller. I would like to keep this functionality using one PSWPower’s KT 9 fet controller if possible. it can be achieved quite easily? The light is disconnected from the battery if that helps. Click to expand… I know this post is old, but the rechargeable tail light has a clamp that also lights up when the brakes are applied. Thirty something bucks and it also doubles as a motion detection alarm that turns on and off when there is/is no movement.

EDIT, I forgot to mention that this clip-on rechargeable brake light/alarm is completely self-contained, no wires.

This light can also brighten after braking with a 3.3 volt logic signal (low = brighter) to one of its terminals depending on your controller and how your current brake switches are wired. This could be a simple addition. I just picked up two schwinn 350 and s500 cd, I have no documents. Where can I find something to get me started?

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Currie Tech has manufactured Electric Scooters Schwinn, eZip, IZIP, GT and Mongoose. Here is a link to the eZip manual for use with Schwinn electric scooters: Owner’s Manual

Thanks, I placed my first small order today, but I have a few questions about using the current 36v L ion 10ah and another 13.8ah L ion nm battery. I have 3 scooters to choose from to upgrade. 2 models Schwinn s350 and S500 cd. I guess I need a new controller and motor? What you have available for a plug and play update. Btw thanks for the fair shipping price, first class for small items. A highly valued option! I’m not mad about the 40W fuse either. Some confuse customers 4 times more. Thanks for the fair treatment, even though the delivery time is still overhead. I’m an old latecomer to the hobby and I’m happy about your honest policy. Consider me a repeat, loyal customer.

We have a container of Currie motors and controllers arriving in about two weeks. When they arrive, we have plug and play controllers and 36 volt motors available for Schwinn electric scooters. I can recommend a suitable regulator and motor if I can ask a few questions first. How many wires are there in ballasts? Do the engines have neutral or standard gears? And also do you know the maximum continuous output of the lithium batteries so I can choose the right controller and motor combination for it?

The batteries are 13.8 Ah (10S 5P, 29E) and 11 Ah (10S 5P, 22P), both BMSs have 20 A continuous power. I can also assemble 18650 LiPO4 or LiPo 7s packs ideally

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It would be continuous. BUT I would like to use the two packages I already have. They are mounted on water bottle holders. I added long front brakes to handle more power. Don’t care about the top as much as you care about the fast start.

Another question. The engine mount on the S500cd has one thread and two grooves for engine adjustment. Instead of adjusting the axle with a 16mm nut on the 300. What was used in the S500? Hex bolts and support nut? They were lost, and the owner couldn’t keep the chain for obvious reasons.

Also, the 500 regulator always reads 9 volts from the motor. I suspect this COULD be a gas fault. It’s 5 languages. Is there any technical information on testing a 5-wire choke?

We have placed another small order of parts while we decide on the engine and work out the finer details. I like first class delivery and fast service. Does your business have a rating page? I’d like to rage. I’m an old guy and your customer service is excellent!

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Unfortunately 2 is 11T

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